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Malaysia Dog Olympic Day

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  1. Is the Malaysia Dog Olympic Day open to all ?
    Yes, the Malaysia Dog Olympic Day is open to the Public who love dogs. All the activities are open to all dogs owners. It does not matter whether the dog is a mixed breed or pure breed dog.
  2. What is the best time for me and my dogs to be there ?
    The Malaysia Dog Olympic Day will be fully packed with Competitions, Games and Demonstration, Dog Parade, Lucky Draws and many more. To beat the heat, we are starting very early this year. The Dog Obedience Competition will start as early as 7:00am. 
  3. Where can I park my car ?
    You drop your dogs and your family members at the Central Park area and then proceed to park your car at the new wing of the One Utama Shopping Centre.
  4. Is there any fee involve ?
    The admission to the Malaysia Dog Olympic Day on June 29th, 2008 is totally FREE.  There is also no fee charge for participation in all games.
  5. Can I go with my Dogs ?
    Yes. We encourage you to bring as many dogs that you wish. The Malaysia Dog Olympic Day will be attended by many Dog Lovers and their Dogs and therefore it is an excellent opportunity for all dog owners to socialize their dogs.
  6. My dog is not a pure breed dog. Can I join and compete in the Games ?
    Yes you can. The Malaysia Dog Olympic Day is a day dedicated to all dogs. Both mixed breed (Mongrels) or pure breed dogs are welcome.
  7. I do not own a dog at present. Can I go ?
    Yes you can. You will get to meet many dog owners who will be at the venue on that day and you can interact with them to find out their experience in keeping dogs.
  8. Do I need to register at the registration counter ?
    Yes. By registering, you will be given a lucky number which will entitle you to participate in the lucky draw.
  9. Do I need to pre register for the Puppycom Malaysia Agility Trial and Schutzhund 1 Trial ?
    While we will accept entry from now till the June 268, 2008. Form can be downloaded from this site. Look for the download link from the navigation bar above.
  10. I am interested to join the games. Do I need to register ?
    Yes. You can register yourself at the registration counter on the event day itself.

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