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The K9 Trekkers

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The K9 Trekkers is a group of Puppycom Members who are Jungle Trekking Enthusiasts who  trek in Gasing Hill every Saturday morning with their K9 Friends beginning at 7:30am. Within the group of Trekkers we have big dogs like Labrador Retrievers (Bull Dozer), GSD, Rottweilers, Golden Retrievers, medium dogs like Beagle and many small breed dogs such as Pugs, Min Pin, JRT, Chi Hua Hua and some mixed breed dogs.

The Jungle Trekking that starts at about 7:45am normally  last for about an hour or 1.5 hours if longer trek is chosen. Most of the dogs are able to complete the whole trek with ease. The location map leading the the Gasing Hill Jungle Trek entrance can be viewed here

The announcement of the Trekking Schedule is posted on the Event Calendar of the Puppycom Forum. Whoever that are interested to join the Jungle Trekking are required to add their name to the list so that the Trekking Leader know the number of people joining the weekend trek.

The pictures taken during the past Jungle Trekking can be found here.

The Trekkers has completed nearly 30 Trekking weekend, rain or shine, without fail. All trekkers ensure that they pick up after their dogs and all dog poo are pick up by their owners by plastic bags and carried till the end of the trek and disposed properly. We too are fully aware that not all the people are dog lovers and we make it a point to make way for other trekkers when we meet them along the trek.

The Trekkers has so far completed two community projects to clear rubbish along the trekking path during Trek Number 12 and Trek Number 23. All rubbish such as bottles, papers and others are pick up by the trekkers along the trek. We intent to continue to have such community works regularly in the future and this is our way to contribute to the community at large.

One of the popular trek is the water stream trek where the dogs get a chance to cool down  by playing in the water. While our K9 friends are enjoying with splash of water, the human master have a chance to rest before continue with the rest of the journey.

The Gasing Hill is second Jungle Trek that Puppycom Members attempted. The first one being the Bukit Kiara Jungle Trek which is equally challenging but no longer accessible as the approaching road leading to the Jungle Trek now no longer allow dogs. Some of the pictures of the Bukit Kiara Trek can be viewed here >>


The K9 Trekker visited Sun Beam Orphanage recently to bring Chinese New Year cheers to the 41 orphans.

View Photo here >>

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