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Malaysia Dog Olympic Day


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Notes to the Participants of Agility Trial

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Notes to the participants

  • All participants of the Agility Trial to be held on June 29, 2008 to check in and collect your Exhibitor Number at the Registration Counter not later than 9:30am
  • Once checked in, the exhibitors are to remain at the designated participants' area. Announcement will be made by the Ring Stewards at appropriate time.
  • The Agility Trial will likely start at  10:30m. The actual starting time will however  depends on the progress of other competitions and events on that day.
  • Canine Grooming - Canines shall be properly groomed for the competition.
  • Canine Health Requirement - Canine cannot be obese or in ill health. 
  • Dress Code
    • Purpose of a Dress Code
      The purpose of a Dress Code is to educate the exhibitor on how to dress for success in a canine competition. 
    • Unacceptable Clothing The following items of clothing shall be considered unacceptable in the agility ring for exhibitor in the agility ring.
      A. Blue jeans
      B. Halter tops
      C. Mini shorts or mini dress above the middle thigh
      D. Exposed midriff
      E. Logos or writing on cloths 
      F. Jewelry 
      G. Opened-toed shoes 
      H. Marketing brand on shirt
    • Exhibitor Shall Wear  

      A. Clean dress pants or shorts that are just above or below the knee, with a short or long sleeve blouse or shirt.
      B. Clean low heeled walking shoes with clean socks or nylons.
      C. Exhibitor shall wear his or her Exhibition Number pinned to upper back area of the outer most garments.

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