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Malaysia Dog Day 2009


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Pictures of the Me & My Pooch Competition

Results of Pre Novice Trial - Novice Trial - Agility Trial



There will be 4 Classes of  Agility Trial to be held on Malaysia Dog  Day. They are:-
  • Mini Jumper for Beginners
  • Maxi Jumper for Beginners
    A simple rules will be used to judge the winner for the Jumper class. 5 seconds will be added total time taken to complete the circuit for each fault committed by the participant.
  • Mini Agility
  • Maxi Agility
    The Full Trial will follow the Agility Rules at this page.

  • Mini Agility and Mini Jumper Class: the height of the dog at the withers shall be below 450mm.
  • Maxi Agility and Maxi Jumper Class: the height of the dog at the withers shall be equals or greater than 450mm.

Judge  : Phumphithak Phensrinukun,  Bangkok, Thailand

Entry Requirements

  • Dogs or Bitches must meet minimum age requirement of 12 months
  • Both pedigreed and non-pedigreed dogs or bitches are welcome.
  • Bitches that are on heat are not allowed to compete.
  • Only Dogs or Bitches that are in good health are allowed to compete.
  • Dogs or Bitches that too aggressive and uncontrollable will not be allowed to compete.

The summary of prizes will be as follow :-

  • Mini Jumper - Two Prizes, 1st and 2nd  
  • Maxi Jumper - Two Prizes, 1st and 2nd  
  • Maxi Agility - Two Prizes, 1st and 2nd  
  • Mini Agility - Two Prizes, 1st and 2nd

Entry Fees:
The entrance fee is RM 30.00 per entry for the Maxi/Mini Agility and RM 15.00 for the Maxi/Mini Jumper Class. The application form can be downloaded via the following links

All forms must be submitted on or before June 25, 2009

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