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MALAYSIA Responsible Dog Ownership Day 2006
September 24, 2006, Central Park, Bandar Utama

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Doggie Games

  • Fastest Recall Game 
    Dog that loves to run towards the owner, this is the game for you ! Six dog at the starting line, once the whistle blows and the round begins. The dogs have to leap through two hurdles at top speed. The rules are simple: first dog to cross the finish line wins for the round ! 


  • Fastest Eating Duo 
    Eat to your heart content ! Race with your owner to be one of the fastest eating team in this competition. 
    2 Category : Large under 1 group, Med & Small under 1 group
    Portion of the food will be based on their size. 
    Owner is to eat 1st then their dog. Once finish needs to raise up their hands to let the games committee knows. 
  • Best Canine Triplets 
    Find your dog's look-alike triplets in the throng of competitors and friends and win your way to be one of the Best Canine Triplets of the day. Siblings or dog from the same litter this is your game ! 

  • Obe-Agi Dash Run 
    3 row. Each row ends with a Hula hop with 4 cones in between. Each participants will be timed for their run record. 
  • Fashion Race 
    Clothes, socks n hats will be allocated accordingly in each basket. Owner is suppose to race each another to finish dressing their dog then run to the end of the lanes. Top 3 who finished fastest will win a prize ! They will be timed by a stopwatch. 


  • Best Dressed Dog
    Dog that are most well dressed in the eye of the Judges will win the contest.
  • Leash D'dog 
    Walk the dog from point A to B with a makeshift leash. The leash is made from a special paper. 


  • Sit Stay Contest 
    Dog have to be in a SIT stay position and the longest stay will be the winner. Toys, treats, distraction will be use in this to distract for this challenge. 
  • Whose d'leader ? 
    Separate into Group 1 : Large Breed and Group 2: Medium & Small breed group. One end the owner, the other end someone holding the leash to the dog - blindfolded. Once the whistle blow, the owner is suppose to call the dog to him/her with the dog leading the blind person as well. Fastest 2 person in each group is to be the winner of this game. 


  • Musical Chair 
    Music stars, have a breeze walk with your dog and when the music stops owner have to issue the command - SIT / DOWN stay the dog before going for the chairs available respectively. Have to walk at behind the white line circle. At any point in time, the dog needs to be on the sit/down command without moving out of position. 
  • Waggiest Tail Contest 
    From the moment of announcement of "START" by the emcee, the owner have to get his or her dog to wags its tail (with anything - tricks or treat) none stop. We are looking for the top 3 longest waggy tail winner. 


  • Obstacles Challenge 
    Obstacles like hurdles, height jumping, going through tyre tracks, going through tunnels will provide some hardcore challenges to the doggie and its owner for this game. 

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