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Paws in the Park, Paws for a Cause Day
May 8, 2005
Visitors' Guide

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  • Admission
    The admission to the Paws in the Park, Paws for a Cause Day is Free. All dog lovers are invited to come to this event with their dogs.
  • Donations to SPCA and PAWS
    There will be Fund Raising session during the event to raise fund for SPCA and PAWS. Donation can be made with cash or cheque that can be deposited into the donation boxes to be provided by SPCA and PAWS on that day. Cheques to be made payable to SPCA and PAWS directly.
  • Games
    There is no fee charge for participating in all the doggie games.  Announcement on games will be made from time to time. All dogs, whether he or she is mixed breed or pure breed are eligible to join in all the games for free and treated equally. Games registration can be done at the registration counter from 8:30am onwards
  • Parking
    Visitors can park their car at the new wing of the One Utama Shopping Centre. Those  with big dogs can drop their family members and their dogs before proceeding to park their car.
  • What to bring on the day
    Please bring along the following :-
    • Plastic bags and old newspaper to clean up your dog poo whenever necessary.
    • Water for you and your dogs.
  • Health and Safety issues
    • Please ensure that your dog is on leash at all time. 
    • If you think that your dog is too aggressive, do not bring him or her to the event.
    • Please also ensure all dogs that you are taking  to the event is fully vaccinated.  Young puppies that has not completed the three vaccinations procedure should not be brought to the event.
  • What can you do to help ?
    Donate generously to SPCA and PAWS. Both organization will be having a booth at the event site.
  • Important Notice
    • Always clean up after your dogs. Please keep an eye on your dog and  if he or she poo, please pick up. We need the cooperation from all dog lovers and visitors on this issue. 

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