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Dog Obedience & Agility Training - FAQ

Puppycom Agility & Obedience Training


We are please list down some of the commonly asked questions as follow :-

  • Obedience Training Your Dog and Puppy : How and Why ?
    The obedience training is the best thing that you can do for your dog and puppy. It improve the bonding between the handler and the dog. While it does not solve all behaviour problem, it is the foundation for solving just any dog related problem. Most important of all, the obedience training open up a line of communications between you and your dog. Such effective communication is necessary for you to instruct your dog about what you want her to do.

  • Is the Dog Obedience Training open to Public ?
    YES. It is open to everyone

  • Is there any discount for Puppycom Premium Members ?
    YES. Puppycom Premium Members enjoy RM 50.00 discount per training course. In addition, Premium Members also enjoy a lot of other benefits as per http://www.puppy.com.my/pm/ 

  • My dog is 4 months old, which class should I enroll for my dog ?
    The Puppy Class is suitable for puppies that are between 3 ~ 6 months old age. Hence you should join the Puppy Class.

  • Is the Training Fee of RM 200 cover all 10 lessons or just single lesson ?
    The whole training course that cover a total of 10 lessons, one hour per lesson only cost a total of RM 200 for non-premium members. Premium Members enjoy RM 50.00 discount and hence need to pay only RM 150 for the course.

  • What are the basic commands that will taught in the Puppy Class and The Basic Obedience Training ?
    Both Puppy Class and Basic Obedience will concentrate on the following command and exercises :-

    • Heel
      The Heeling exercise will train your dog to heel along your side on loose leash. The dog is trained to move along your side as you go forward and sit down automatically as your stop. The dog will be trained not to pull as he walk.

    • Sit
      The sit command is to get your dog in a sit position when the command Sit is issued.

    • Down 
      Train your dog to be in down position with this command.

    • Recall
      This exercise will train your dog to come to you happily and sit in front of you when the Come command is issued.

    • Stay
      Your dog is trained to be in stay command either in sit position or down position when the stay command is issued. Your dog should be in that position until further instruction is issued.

    • Stand 
      With the Stand command, your dog will be trained to be in the Stand Position when the command is issued.

    • Leave It
      Leave it command is to train your dog to ignore all external disturbance. For example, when someone talk a long treats and you can issue Leave It command to get your dog to ignore it and concentrate on you.

    • Lesson Plan for Puppy Class can be viewed at 

    • Lesson Plan for Basic Obedience Class can be viewed at

    • Lesson Plan for Pre Novice Competition Class can be view at

    • Lesson Plan for Novice Competition Class can be viewed at


  • What is the difference between Puppy Class and Basic Obedience ?
    Basically, the Puppy Class and Basic Obedience will go through the same syllabus. The only difference is that  it is always easier to train a puppy than  an adult as puppies has not learnt many respond to different environment and is therefore easier to train them to the way that you want. Hence the training methods to be used will be slightly different in these two classes.

  • Does the Obedience Training include house breaking training ?
    No. The Obedience Training does not include House Breaking training. However, the main lesson to be learnt from the Obedience Training is to teach your dog to understand your command. The difficult part in dog training is to make your dog to understand what you want them to do and we address this issue and use this in the obedience training. Once you learnt these basic  technique, you can apply them to other type of training if you wish.

  • What are the competition classes ?
    The competition classes such as Pre Novice, Novice, Intermediate and Open Class are classes that train you to meet the requirements in those classes as required in the Obedience Trials. When compared to Basic Obedience, these classes require more perfection in all aspects.

  • Will the participants be given any certificates when they complete the training class ?
    YES. At the end of each training class, you will to sit for a test and those who are able to meet the minimum passing mark will be awarded a certificate.
  • Are you offering Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Program ?
    YES we are. All the syllabus of C.G.C. are included in our Basic Obedience and Puppy Class and participants that pass the CGC will also be awarded a C.G.C. medal on top of the certificate. 
  • What is Canine Good Citizen Program ?
    A good description of CGC is available here >>
    The 10 points  CGC Tests is available here >>
  • How can be sign up ?
    You either signup by downloading the forms, fill in and fax to us to +603.89449965.  Location for downloading the forms are :-

    Payment can then be made by deposit the funds into our MBB Account Number 012259-505333 (Hileytech Sdn Bhd) or by making payment online using credit card at http://www.puppy.com.my/pay.html 


    You can just sign up using our online shopping cart using the following links :-

  • Other Questions 
    Please email us at puppy@hileytech.com and we will try our best to answer and included in this FAQ in stages.

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