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Nupro Dog Supplements


Dear Nupro,

We want to say that we are extremely pleased with the results that Nupro has had on our dogs.We have tried different supplements and some worked better then others.When we switched to Nupro, there was a huge difference. Their coats and overall appearance was better. We receive compliments on how shiny their coats are. Since we show, it is imperative that our dogs be healthy and can take the stress of the shows.  It also is very convenient to take Nupro with us as no refrigeration is necessary. We believe Nupro helps them with all the vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc. We also started our puppy on the "right track" with Nupro. He has a great coat and is very healthy. Our female will be having puppies soon, and we will be sure that they all get on Nupro. Frankly we cannot imagine not using this product. It is wonderful when you see the results in your dogs. Dog lovers who try Nupro will see results in a fairly short time. 


Dan & Evy Malinowski, EverLoyal Bullmastiffs 
                              Corona Hills, CA 

Dear Nupro,


In December of 1997 I was visiting my sister-in-law Rita in Vista California. When I arrived I couldn't believe my eyes, her 18 year old Cocker Spaniel was still alive. Not only was she still here, she looked so much better than she had in the past. Rita explained that she had heard about a wonderful product, Nupro, from her dog groomer that could help her dogs coat and skin. She put Cinnamon on it and with in three weeks she started to see improvement. I immediately asked where she had purchased Nupro and the next day went to get some for our dog.

Our dog Shadow is a Blue Merle Sheltie and has had reoccurring problems with his skin and hair. Over the past ten years he has had hot spots, dry itchy scalp, and numerous infections that have cost us hundreds of dollars. His last infection left him almost hairless from the middle of his back to his tail. Our veterinarian put him on steroid drugs that caused other side affects. I have always felt that there must be a better way. So when Rita told me of her success story, and I read the can and saw all the wonderful ingredients I figured what did I have to loose by giving Nupro a chance.

It has now been three months since Shadow has been on Nupro. Not only did all of his hair grow back but he is much more alert and has more energy and also seems to love the taste of Nupro. After I noticed a great improvement I cut back on the dosage as instructed on the can. About two weeks ago I noticed a small hot spot starting on his back, so I increased the dosage again and like a miracle the spot went away.

I want to thank Nupro for making Shadow so much happier and for making our lives so much easier. No matter what dog I have in the future I will always use Nupro.!!

Thanks Again,

Barbara Taber,
West Hiis, California


Dear Nupro,

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to speak with you on the phone today. I would like to let you know a little bit about my experience with Nupro. I have a 13 year old Miniature Schnauzer, Schnoppie, that I have had her entire life (my first child). About 3 years ago she was stricken with terrible arthritis, with horrible shakes, with periods of time that she couldn't move and I knew she was very uncomfortable. My husband and I had to have that serious discussion about her quality of life. After the tears and the realization we started looking and hoping for an alternative. We were introduced to Nupro through a breeder that we purchased a Giant Schnauzer from. Part of the agreement in purchasing this dog was to keep him on the Nupro. We started Schnoppie on your product following the instructions on the dosage. Within a month her shaking had subsided, she was a lot more lively, her arthritis seemed to be much better. This was everything we had hoped for but, we received more with the Nupro product. Schnoppie had a new layer of thick soft hair growing, her skin had always been itchy and dry, not anymore, and her beautiftil little eyes that had been so cloudy and sad were suddenly alert, clear and happy.

Schnoppie is still an older dog that needs special attention (mostly love). However, I knew she is a much happier dog by the way she looks and her excitement for life. Grady, our three year old Giant Schnauzer, has been on your product all of his life. He is the most healthy, shiny, fit animal you will ever see. We love our animals and want you to know how much we appreciate your product that keeps them at their best. Let us know when you invent a formula for humans! A very happy customer

Shauna Day Coskey



Dear Nupro,

Thank you for the last order of Nupro. I hope my puppy buyers will be as happy with the product as I have been. My blue merle smooth Collie, Ch. Natural Showgirl, CGC TDI TT VC, has been on Nupro for over a year now. Because of your product, I am going to be able to show her at our National Specialty this year. You see, she has been plagued in the past with hot spots and staph infections while "blowing coat". Since using Nupro this has stopped!! She started to shed about a month ago and I wasn't going to enter her at the National, but I started to notice that she wasn't loosing a lot of hair! So I went ahead and entered her. I am amazed at her condition. I want to thank you for making a great product! I hope I have as much luck in the "specials" ring as I have had with using Nupro.


Christine Chin Wrangler Collies


Dear Nupro,

My name is Bruce MacPherson. I live in Ontario, Canada, where I breed Golden Retrievers and Keeshonds. I have been using the Nupro product for the past couple of years. Both my male and female Goldens have been thriving and I would like to think that Nupro is part of the reason. I recently bred my Goldens and they produced ten beautiful puppies, Very consistent in type, size, and colour. Needless to say, I am thrilled. pups are eight days old and gaining in size rapidly. My bitch, Canadian Champion Goldcap's Tally Ho To Brevmac is in wonderful shape. My male, Canadian Champion Azure1s Hunter for Brevmac is in top form at six years age. We are hoping to keep possibly three puppies from this litter which will become future Canadian/American Champion Brevmac Dogs.

Our Keeshond are also on Nupro. We currently own Canadian/American Champion Brevmac's Dances With Wolves, Canadian Champion Brevmac '5 Hope For Glory, Brevmac '5 Hail To Holly C.D.X., and American/Canadian Childericks Bette Davis Eyes. As you can imagine, I want to give the dogs in my kennel the best and Nupro has been part of my formula! Looking forward to receiving information regarding feeding instructions and information that puppy buyers could use.


Bruce MacPherson
Brevmac Kennels Reg.


November 12, 1998

Dear Nupro,

We want to thank you for putting our dogs onto Nupro Supplement. Our French Bulldog, B.J., had lost most of his hair and he had dry flaky scabs all over his back and stomach. When the scabs came off so did his hair. He looked terrible. Our vet put him on shots once a month to boost his immune system - didnít work. He tried antibiotics - didnít work. He changed his dog food two or three times - didnít work. We had to bathe him every other day in a very expensive shampoo - didnít work. He had him on anti-itch medications, he changed his heartworm medication - you name it, we tried it. As you can imagine, the expense was very extensive.

After trying everything, I got on the Internet one day and starting looking for a solution. I came across your Internet site and called you immediately. I called to inquire about your Nupro Supplement. We talked for a very long time. You described B.J.ís skin problem exactly and suggested we try the Nupro for thirty days and if it didnít work you would refund our money if we werenít completely satisfied with the results. WE DONíT WANT OUR MONEY BACK!!! The change in B.J. has been unbelievable. Within ten days his hair had started to grow back and his skin was beginning to clear up. He used to shed all over everything but now he sheds very little.

I have to tell you this (with my husbandís permission). After talking to you I was very excited. I told my husband that I had talked to you and had ordered the Nupro and told him all you had told me. He was very, very skeptical and did not believe it would work. I told him we had nothing to lose by trying Nupro. He is now a believer. He said that no one could have made him believe that Nupro would bring about such a change in a dog. He just shakes his head and says, "I canít believe it." We have two other dogs, a Yorkie (M.C.) and a Schnauzer (Rambo) that are also getting Nupro. They all three love it. They lick their bowls clean. Our Yorkie has always been a picky eater, but no more. They canít wait to be fed. They had what you would call a doggie odor before - but since Nupro they donít. Their hair just shines.

I didnít mean to go on and on but we were so frustrated because we were spending so much money but getting no results. Nupro has made B.J. one happy dog. We no longer have to give hydroxzine to our dogs because of allergies. We were giving each dog four pills a day for the itching.

Janis, thanks so much. We are happy and our dogs are happy. We will not be without Nupro ever again. I canít wait to visit my vet again and tell him all about you and Nupro.

Barbara Isham
University of Kentucky


June 24, 1992

Dear Nupro,

I just want to send you a quick note letting you know how pleased I am with your Nupro all natural dog supplement. I have a six month old Akita puppy who has suffered with a chronic urinary tract infection for over two months. He had stopped eating and was completely lifeless for quite an extended period of time. Out of desperation, I tried Nupro and the electrolytes on this puppy. I cannot believe the improvement of this animal. In only three weeks, he has put on 12 pounds, stopped heavy hair loss, is full of energy, and his coat is shiny and healthy.

I am a firm believer in using only natural products free of artificial additives, colors and preservatives. I am very impressed with the list of ingredients in the Nupro. Prior to my Nupro discovery, I supplemented my dogís all-natural food with brewers yeast and seameal. As soon as my yeast/seameal supply is depleted, I intend to put my 16-month old female Akita on Nupro as well.

I am promoting your product to all animal lovers that I encounter. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Dale Freelan
A Very Happy Customer


Dear Nupro,

Just a word to say, "THANKS" AND "WOW" for making such a wonderful line of products. We have been using your All Natural Dog Supplement and Custom Electrolyte Formula for several years now and have had nothing but great results. Not only do my dogs look and perform better, but they never seem to run out of energy.

We recommend NUPRO to all the people who buy our puppies and send them all home with a sample to try.

Mr. M. Belcher
Philadelphia, PA

PS A.R.B.A./F.I.C. CH. Schmid & Belchers, Nadine and A.R.B.A. CH. Schmidís Rohmel say "Thanks for helping us become CHAMPS!"


March 24, 1997

Dear Nupro,

I have three English Springer Spaniels, two of which are Champions of the breed. The third Springer is bred for the field.

Several years ago the field bred Springer developed allergies that consisted of red eyes, scratching, loss of coat luster, ear problems and hot spots just to name a few. Since I had my bitch on NUPRO, I decided to give it a go with Max; that was last October. Amazingly, after about six weeks, I noticed that Max no longer had red eyes and all the other symptoms.

I canít believe it, but we got through the whole winter without a hot spot or any other annoying discomfort to this wonderful companion. I might add, that I also only believe in feeding my animals products that donít have any artificial preservatives and this alone did not do the trick. It was only when I added NUPRO to his diet that I saw the change.

Congratulations for making such a fine product.

Judy Kolt
New York


May 7, 1998

Dear Nupro,

I am a trainer at Dogs for the Deaf in Central Point, OR. We were fortunate to have you send us a large supply of Nupro for our use with the dogs in training at DFD.

We obtain our dogs from mostly Humane Society shelters and municipal animal control facilities throughout the U.S. For the most part, the health and vitality of these dogs when we get them are poor. Many are strays that have had little or no care during their life. We see many of the dogs coming in with severe cases of intestinal worms, some with varying degrees of kennel cough, and even others with parvo or heartworm. During their recovery and throughout their stay we feed a premium brand of dog food, but even then it takes many weeks before the dogs begin to show signs of good health such as their coat improving, greater energy levels and better overall confidence, which I believe stems from their better health. We have seen a decrease in the time it takes for the dogs to reach that healthy state using Nupro.

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the help you have given Dogs for the Deaf by the donation of your product. I just wanted to say thank you for your generosity.


Kim Meinhardt

Certified Audio Canine Trainer
Dogs for the Deaf


May 5, 1998

Nupro was exactly as you promised!

When we received our first shipment of Nupro, our golden retriever, Iris, was already shedding handfuls of coat during her baths in preparation for her heat and the upcoming spring.

During her next weekly bath, the amount of hair loss was equal to a quarter size. She continues to retain a luxurious, full coat though she is pre-heat and warmer weather has arrived.

The other benefit is that, though she was a picky eater before, she inhales her food now. Every last morsel! She loves the taste of Nupro!
Linda Shipman


March 7, 1997

Dear Nupro,

I would like to relate a bit of my experience with Nupro. I have two Rottweilers, both rescues, who have been on Nupro since January of this year. Maia (approximately 1 year old female) was VERY underweight and had been through some physical abuse. Bear (4 year old male) had been starved and severely abused. I immediately put them on the Nupro mixed with water in their kibble, when they came home with me. The difference in them not only physically, but temperamentally has been nothing short of wonderful. When I say temperament, I donít mean to imply that they were vicious, in fact quite the opposite, they were both very nervous and frankly scared. But lots of love, patience, consistency, and an excellent diet (which includes Nupro at every meal) has them in wonderful condition.

Maia was a very slim 50.5 lbs when she came to me. Sheís now a very healthy 65 lbs (and gaining), beautiful muscle-tone, and a personality that just lights up a room! Bearís weight was pretty good when he came to me, but his coat was a MESS! Now his coat is beautiful. He plays like a puppy, and heís steady as a rock. Heís also about 110 lbs these days!

I can say that I will not be without Nupro for my "babies", and recommend it enthusiastically. Bear and Maia would too, since they wolf it down! Also, I appreciate your company and its efforts to help with rescue by making Nupro available to us as affordably as is possible. Many thanks, and I look forward to speaking with you again.

Sincerely yours,
Lois Douglass
Bear & Maia


June 30, 1998

Dear Nupro,

This is one of the rare times Iíve sat down to write a letter of appreciation for a product. Iíve been doing rescue work with animals for almost fifteen years, and over the course of time Iíve learned how imperative good nutrition is to an animalís health (especially to the abused and neglected pets who have come my way). I try to use only natural, holistic care for the animals, and one product thatís a basic part of the program is Nupro. This is such a high quality, well balanced supplement, incorporating exactly the right mixture of nutrients. I used to buy many of the same supplements individually at a much higher over-all price! And the results are apparent in just a matter of weeks, even in animals with long term skin and health problems.

A perfect example is Zoe, a dog that was just recently turned in because her owner was tired of dealing with her skin condition. She was suffering from terrible allergies, was almost bald, covered in sores and hot spots, itched constantly, and had a severe ear infection. Her owner had been treating her for almost a year with antibiotics, steroids, and chemicals dips and baths. I immediately took her off those treatments, put her on a natural (no by-products, no preserves) dog food, and added Nupro (plus some herbs to boost her immune system). Itís now been just over one month, and not only has her skin cleared up completely, but her fur is starting to come in silky soft and her ears have healed! Sheís bright eyed, full of energy, and will soon be ready for adoption!

Iíve been giving out samples of Nupro with each adoption and will continue to encourage everyone to try this supplement for their pets. Thank you for such a quality product!

Lori Priest
Hennio Humane Society
Hug-a-Hound Rescue

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