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NUPRO Supplements come in 4 sizes.  Each size was designed to fit a certain dogís weight.  For your convenience, please follow this chart in choosing the size thatís right for your breed of dog.  These amounts start out higher as you begin the program.  NUPRO was designed for your dog to be fed this greater dosage for 2 to 3 months so it can effectively work to detoxify and strengthen the immune system of your animal.  After the starting period, the NUPRO dosage can be cut to one-half as a daily maintenance.

NUPRO Product Sizes/ regular Gold and NUPRO Joint Support

One pound size NUPRO Small Breed Formulas

This is approximately a 6 week supply for a dog weighing 20 pounds.  It contains a different size scoop, as compared with the other NUPRO sizes, for the convenience of feeding small breed dogs.

(*This chart is for the Small Breed Formula only)

Dog Size:                                  Quantity Required:

1-5 pounds------------------------------1 scoop
5-10 pounds----------------------------2 scoops
11-15 pounds---------------------------3 scoops
16-20 pounds---------------------------4 scoops

*Each scoop is equal to one level teaspoon

Mix with water for a great liver gravy!

30 ounce size NUPRO Supplements

This size contains 30 scoops.  It is a one month supply for a dog weighing 40 pounds

5 pound size NUPRO Supplements

This size contains 80 scoops.  It is approximately a 5 week supply for a dog weighing 70 pounds or more.  This size is also good for 2 or 3 small to medium size dogs for one month.

20 pound size NUPRO Supplements

This size contains 320 scoops.  This size is recommended for kennels, breeders or households with multiple large dogs.

The recommended daily amounts are listed on the various labels as follows for the 30 ounce, 5 pound and 20 pound sizes:

Dog Size:                                    Quantity Required:

Under 5 pounds-------------------------1/4 scoop
5-10 pounds------------------------------1/3 scoop
10-20 pounds-----------------------------1/2 scoop
20-40 pounds------------------------------1 scoop
40-70 pounds-----------------------------1- 1/2 scoop
over 70 pounds----------------------------2 scoops

*Each scoop is equal to 3 level tablespoons

Mix with water for a great liver gravy!!!!

The above daily quantities should be fed for 2 to 3 months, or until desired results have been achieved.---AND----

After 2 to 3 months, daily dosage can be cut to one half as part of your regular vitamin/mineral/enzyme/amino and fatty acid feeding program.

NUPRO can be (and it is recommended to be) divided between meals.  Whatever the daily dosage is, divide and add some to each meal.

NUPRO is excellent in combination with the raw (barf) diet.  It saves you time when preparing meals and gives you all the human-grade nutrients required for these special diets.

Whether you are feeding raw, home cooked meals or dry kibble, NUPRO is here to enhance your feeding program with all the real, live, fresh nutrients needed for a healthy and strong immune system----just like the wolf gets naturally in the wild.  Canít get better than that!

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