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MALAYSIA Responsible Dog Ownership Day 2007
October 7, 2007, Central Park, Bandar Utama

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Games and Competition

Plenty of prizes to be won.
Overall Top Winner to win RM 300 Cash and RM 100 Voucher
(from www.PetsPlace.com.my+ Dog Food + Dog Biscuit

  • Winner of each game will collect 10 points. First and 2nd runner up will collect 8 and 6 points respectively. 

  • Each participating team to consist of a dog and the handler.

  • Each dog is allowed to participate in all the games for only one time.

  • The team that collected the most points will be the Overall Winner. 

  • The decision by the Judge and Game Committee is final.


  • Dog Recall Game 
    Is your dog good in recall ? Here come the Recall game with a road block. Let see how much a block can deter your dog from listening to owner's command.


  • Fastest Eating Duo 
    Eat to your heart content ! Race with your owner to be one of the fastest eating team in this competition. 
    2 Category : Large under 1 group, Med & Small under 1 group
    Portion of the food will be based on their size. 
    Owner is to eat 1st then their dog. Once finish needs to raise up their hands to let the games committee knows. 


  • Weave Fast-n-Steady 
    Dog & owner team to run around the 6 weaving cones (two way) together side by side (With or without your leash) and a cup of water on the owners hand. This will test how good a team work with your dog will be. The fastest timed team with the least spill out water will be the winner of this game. Fast n Steady that's the trick
  • Footy Fun Run 
    Dog & owner team on leash. Owner is to kick a ball in a straight line towards the end finish line. If at any point the ball roll over the sidelines, or the dog go after the ball and bite it, the owner have to restart all over again at the starting line with their dog. The balls to be used for the game will be provided by the organizer.


  • Simon Say
    Let your dog prove how clever she or he is by sitting when you say "sit", lying down when you say "down" and "come". This will test how obedient your dog is and this is a ONE COMMAND contest. Those who qualify round 1 will compete in round 2 : Do it when your eyes are closed, your back is to the dog with the wonderful treats distraction lying around.
  • Dog Best Fashion 
    Dog that is dressed most creatively will be win the contest.


  • Mummy Wrap Rap 
    On "go," each team wraps their mummy starting from the hind legs onwards. Don't wrap the paw, mouth, or eyes. When the mummy is wrapped to the top of the neck, he is complete. Once he's totally wrapped, the mummy and owner starts running. The first mummified team to cross the line and back is on the winning team. On your marks, get set, WRAP your mummy !

  • Musical Chair 
    Music stars, have a breeze walk with your dog and when the music stops owner have to issue the command - SIT / DOWN stay the dog before going for the chairs available respectively. Have to walk at behind the white line circle. At any point in time, the dog needs to be on the sit/down command without moving out of position. 


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