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The K9 Trekkers - Jungle Trekking with your Dog

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Jungle trekking with your dog!

All dogs are natural born explorers! But before you and Rover go trail blazing, here are some things you should to put on your "to do" list. Make sure you check these items so that you and Rover would have a smashing time.

Before the trek!

  • Make sure Rover is in good shape. He should be physically sound. If he has just recovered from illness give him at least 3 weeks rest before going on any journey.
  • Make sure Rover has gone thru all his vaccination. It is important that your dog's health is in tip top condition as there might be other pooches around, you don't want Rover to "share" his condition with them and vice-versa.  
  • Make sure Rover's nails are all trim and proper. His paws happen to his only 2 pairs of "Nike ACG" for life. Make sure his "laces" are tied properly. You dun want him losing a nail during the track.
  • Make sure Rover is not fed too full prior to the trek. He will be bouncing around and running up and down during the trek. A dog throwing up in your ride does not make you look cool.
  • Make sure you have a proper leash & collar for Rover. A retractable leash is a good option. In tight places you can shorten the leash so that it does not tangle the branches and make Rover look like a monkey. On down hill terrains you can lengthen the leash so that Rover has more line too pull and does not make you end up being like Jill tumbling down the hill.
  • Make sure there is enough clean water for Rover to drink. A thirsty dog is not a happy dog. Food after the trek would be an option depending on your dogs feeding habit.
  • Make sure Rover has some form of "protection". No doggie condoms needed, Just some form of flea & tick repellant is sufficient. Give him a coat so that he does not bring home unwanted guest.
  • Some form of first aid kit would also benefit you and Rover in emergencies. For safety practice, one unit of the trekking group should bring the first aid kit just in case. Usually a St. Bernard would be helpful.

After the trek!

  • Give Rover a nice clean bath
  • Check his paws for any injury especially between his nail.
  • Check his body for any cuts or bruises
  • Check for flea or ticks
  • Rover and you can take a nap now.

Jungle Sense!

We all should respect nature or what's left of it. Jungles are being torn down globally to make a path for  progress. Forest depletion alone is equaled to 14.1 million acres every year In the year 2070, mega cities like New York and Tokyo, trees are rumored to be only available for  view at a museum. Fortunately, most of us will not be around to witness this sad situation but what about our next generation? Certainly a thought to ponder.

We should start respecting our nature in a bid of hope for it to stay around longer for us. Keep it clean. Do leave any trash in there. If Rover would to poo in there, pick it up in a bag and dispose of it properly. You can also opt to bury it near a tree and return a favor to nature. 

"FAO (1995) stated forests cover 27 % of the world land surface. It also indicated that, over the 10 year period from 1980 to 1990, 9.953 million ha of forests disappeared every year
FAO (1997) issued the global annual forest depletion rate for the period of 1990 to 1995 as 11.269 million ha, deforestation rate became -0.3% per annum. According to latest FAO estimates only 26.6 % of global forest cover remained. If the forest degradation can be considered the situation can be more serious."
Prof. A. K. Myint
Forest Resources Specialist, ICIMOD

What would happen if your dog got lost? 

Is Rover wearing a dog tag with his name and your number on it? Can you describe him? Try closing your eyes now instantly! Describe your dog! Now open your eyes and check to see if you're right. Does he really have four white paws?

Okay, you have made your list of things to do! You are ready! Have fun exploring the trails with your pet!



Article Submitted by Mr Daniel 

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