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MALAYSIA Responsible Dog Ownership Day 2008
October 19, 2008, Central Park, Bandar Utama

  • Dog Fastest Recall Game 
    Is your dog good in recall ? Here come the Recall game with a road block. Let see how much a block can deter your dog from listening to owner's command.


  • Purina 60 Weave Poles
    Weave your dog continuously through a total of 60 weave poles. Dog that completed the 60 weave poles in the shortest time frame will win. Each fault committed by dog equal to three seconds which will be added to the total time taken to complete the weave poles.

  • Incredible Dog Hurdle Race
    Competitor will have to handle their dog off leash to complete a series of hurdles. Competitor that complete all the hurdle in the shortest time frame will win the competition. Each fault committed by competing dog equal to 3 additional seconds that will be added to the total time taken to cross the finishing line.
  • Dog Wagging Tail Contest
    Dog that is able to wag his or her tail for the longest time continuously will win the contest.
  • Dog Longest Stay
    Dog that is able to remain in stay position with the command from handler for the longest time will win the competition.  Plenty of distraction will be introduced to the dogs to try to make them break their stay position.


  • Simon Say
    Let your dog prove how clever she or he is by sitting when you say "sit", lying down when you say "down" and "come". This will test how obedient your dog is and this is a ONE COMMAND contest. 
  • Dog Best Dressed Contest 
    Dog that is dressed most creatively will be win the contest.


  • Musical Chair 
    Music stars, have a breeze walk with your dog and when the music stops owner have to issue the command - SIT / DOWN stay the dog before going for the chairs available respectively. Have to walk at behind the white line circle. At any point in time, the dog needs to be on the sit/down command without moving out of position. 


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