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Old Kaki

Feb 3, 2007, 11:30 PM

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Re: [princessmisha] bone dislocation??????

Hi princessmisha!

This doesn't sound so good. Last time before we padded our whole porch with expenssive mats, Amber used to slip, fall & slide on the tiled floor whenever she runs out there or when we play fetching with her. She came to us fine until oneday around 4mth old, her hip prob started. Until today (she's now 16mths old), we still don't know whether this prob started from the slipping & falling on the hard tiled floor or it was just genetic. We've already taken an x-ray of her hips & it's very clear that her left hip bone is not in her socket. When she walks, it looks like she's got rubber legs & she sways alot. But she's got pain at all, still strong & muscular, she still can jump high & run at super sonic speeds (altho she's not suppose to)...She can do everything with no problem! No pain & limping so far...

In your case, small breed dogs like your cocker don't easily get hip problem/hip dysplasia as easily as big dogs like Goldens for instance. I think that hip problem that your dog got was probably caused by the slipping on the tiled floor. Your dog prob twisted her hip & got it out of shape a bit. If your dog's limping, definitely it IS in pain, maybe you can't see it. That's why she's limping, it's painful when she puts pressure on it. You NEED to bring her to a good vet & get an x-ray of its hips. If there is any prob with it, you should let her have an operation. The docs right, there's no guarantee 100% that you'll dog will come out walking better & sometimes after an operation, the dog will never be able to walk again. It's a risk you're willing to take! Don't let it go on for too long coz it will get worse & worse by the day...until you find your dog not able to walk anymore.

My dog, Amber is not in pain at all & she is still able to walk & run altho swaying all the time. There's no point letting her go thru an operation yet, only if it gets really worse like cannot walk at all & she's in terrible pain! But it all comes down to you. Like I've said, it's a risk...

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