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Dog Agility Sports

   Puppycom Agility & Obedience Training


The Agility Sports offered by  Puppycom will be opened to Dogs of all breeds, Mixed Breeds and both Pure Breeds and Mongrel are treated equally here.

About Agility 

Agility began as an exhibition sport in Great Britain and is now being introduced to countries worldwide.  The sport was patterned after equestrian events and combines handler control, agility, and confidence.  The sport of agility is comprised of a course set up of many different obstacles.  Agility is meant to be a fun, non-regimented sport, with a lot of spectator appeal.  Obstacles include jumps, tunnels, a dog walk, a see-saw or teeter, an A-frame and weave poles.  

Some of the good articles on Dog Agility are available here :-

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