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Dog Obedience & Agility Training - Agility Equipment

Puppycom Agility & Obedience Training



The high jump will consist of two grooved uprights 1200mm high, and fill-inboards of several sizes so as to provide adjustment for each 25mm up to a maximum of 900mm. The jump should be painted white. The height in milimetres will be shown on the uprights. Suggested sizes of the boards: 

1 x 250mm; 2 x 20mm; 1 x 150mm;
1 x 100mm; 1 x 500mm 1 x 25mm;

The height to be jumped by a dog shall be the height of the dog at its withers


The Broad Jump will consist of four separate Hurdles. All hurdles are to be 2 metres wide. The hurdles may have different height is 175mm. They should be painted white.
In general, 2 hurdles are to be used for dog jumping up up to 800mm a d3hurdle to be used for dos jumping over 800mm. Four hurdles should be used fore dogs jumping more than 1300mm.

The hurdles will be spaced equally in order of height with the lowest hurdle nearest to the dog. The length of the broad jump that a dog has to jump shall be equivalent to twice the height of the dog at its withers.


The Bar Jump must consist of two uprights 1200mm high and a bar approximately 35mm in diameter. The bar must be painted black And white alternate sections of about 75mm and 2m in length. The jump will be adjustable for height. Side post adjustment to be constructed so as the bar will fall off if hit enough, in either direction.

Equipment / Obstacles For The Agility Trial

  1. All ring equipment necessary for the proper conduct of a test, shall be provided by the Puppy.com.my, and must be approved by the Judge. The maximum deviation from the specified measurements of equipment shall not exceed 10%. All equipment is to be painted so that they are easily visible to the dogs.
  2. All equipment shall be made of any suitable material and be of sturdy construction.
  3. Hurdle
    Height (mini-agility) 300mm Maximum
    Height (maxi-agility) 630mm Maximum
    Width: 1220mm Minimum

    Wings or side supports should be appreciably higher than a top bar or plank which the dog must easily displace. A wall should have displaceable units on the top. Except for small breed classes, the height of a single hurdle should no be lowered.

  4. Spread or Parallel Jump
    Three single hurdles as in item 1, placed together to form a triple spread. When hurdles are set at identical heights, the spread must not exceed 600mm.if the top bar on the first hurdle is at least 150mm lower than the last hurdle, the maximum spread may be 610mm.

  5. Brush Fence
    Dimensions and details as for item 3- hurdles. the obstacles must have an easily displaceable top unit
  6. Table
    Area: 630mm square minimum
    Height: 630mm for Maxi Class and 300mm for Mini Class

    To be of stable construction with a non-slip surface.

  7. Tyre
    Aperture Diameter: 380mm Minimum
    Aperture centre from the ground: 630mm for Maxi and
    300mm for Mini Class

    It is to be set in a squared frame that is movable up and down, and held by a pin through the frame to the tyre.

  8. Broad Jump

    Four separate units comprise the broad jump.

    Width of each unit: 900mm
    Maximum Length of any unit: 2000mm
    Maximum Height of any unit: 380mm
    Maximum Spread for Maxi Class: 1260mm
    Maximum spread for Mini Class: 600mm

  9. Tunnel 

    Circular of non-rigid material construction, Entrance to be of rigid construction that can be fixed or weighted to the ground.

    Diameter: 570mm minimum and 760mm maximum
    Length: 3000mm minimum
    Minimum entrance height: 570mm


  10. Weaving Poles

    Number of poles: 8minimum, 12 maximum
    Distance apart: 460mm minimum, 610 mm maximum
    Minimum height: 800mm

  11. Dog Walk

    A walk plank with two ramps firmly fixed at each end. Each ramp to have anti slip interval strips 150mm apart.

    Width: 400mm maximum
    Height of walk plank: 1230mm approximately
    Lengths of walk plank/ramps: 2440mm minimum, 4265mm maximum
    Contact area of ramps: 915mm from each end for Maxi Class and coloured yellow 
    610m from each and for Mini Class and colored red

  12. A Frame
    Two ramps hinged at the apex

    Length of each ramp: 2500mm with anti-slip interval strips 150mm apart
    Height at the apex: 1900mm from the ground for Maxi Class and 1500mm for Mini Class
    Width: 900mm minimum
    Contact Area: For Maxi Class-915mm coloured yellow from the bottom.
    For Mini Class-610mm coloured red from the bottom

  13. See-saw
    A Plank firmly mounted on a central bracket.

    Length: 3700mm Minimum, 4300maximum with anti-slip interval strips 150mm apart
    Width: 200mm Minimum, 300mm maximum
    Height of central
    Bracket from the ground: 700mm maximum
    Contact area: 915mm from each end for Maxi Class and coloured yellow
    610mm from each end for Mini Class and coloured red

  14. Castle
    Made up of three parts, two vertical pillars and a centerpiece with two arches, on top of which are placed three easily displaceable units.

    The Maxi dogs shall jump over the obstacle without knocking off any of the displaceable units, while the Mini dogs will go through the arches of the castle.

    Height of centerpiece
    With displaceable unit: 900mm
    Width of arches: 450mm
    Height of arches: 600mm


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