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How to go to Kota Kemuning

For those who are still not sure on how to go to Kota Kemuning, our usual venue for doggie gathering, please read the following guide :-

  1. www.kotakemuning.net
  2. You might be prompted to download the Flash plug-in and so forth..
  3. Click 'Enter site', you will see a new window
  4. Near the top right corner, you will see the picture of the KK township, click the "Click to view >>" to take a virtual tour. A new window will pop up.
  5. The lake (green color) is U-shaped. You will notice there're many green-dots. Position your mouse to the green-dot will show you the location.
  6. Now, position your mouse to the green dot(s) there are at the TIP OF THE LAKE, you will see a short text "Lakeside View". In fact, there are TWO green dots having "Lakeside View".
  7. Click on these green dots to see the respective views. You will see a hut-like bench and 2 rows of palm tree. This is the area for our meet.
  8. Once enter into the KK township, you will see a big roundabout, make a right turn (3 o'clock)
  9. Drive straight for about 1.3KM (along the way, you will see the lake on the left and mostly-vacant-shop-houses on your right)
  10. You will end up at a Y-junction
  11. Turn left at the Y-junction, and drive up further
  12. You will end up at another Y-junction
  13. Turn left, park your car.
  14. The venue is about 50meters from the parking area.


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