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Need Advice

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Mar 27, 2004, 10:59 AM

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Need Advice Can't Post

I have a 15 wk old Terrier/Dachsund mix (see my profile pic Sly). We brought her home at 8 wks. She has been fine, very playful and active with just as much love to share. She is recieving her shots on schedule. About 1 month ago (maybe a little more), she started this itching. She was mainly itching just her butt and back leg area. Upon inspection I don't see anything, no flaking, no bites, no welts, no fleas, nothing. I brought her last weekend to get her shots. I asked the vet about these "ant bites" (in florida they are nasty) anyway, she said it's not ant bites, it's Puppy Pyoderma which is when puppies are not taught to lick themselves clean and infection starts. I was told to put peroxide and antibiotic cream on once per day. This remedy is helping her "bites" heal. I don't know if the pyoderma might have something to do with her itching?? She has started itching her front legs now and I noticed yesterday that she's started rubbing herself in the grass. I'm not sure if this is normal puppy stuff of is she's just THAT itchy! I do treat her with Advantage. I have given her 2 baths since she's been at my house (2 baths in 2 months). I started giving her Vitamin E last weekend. I give her one a day but haven't noticed any change. I also started giving her a little veg. oil to mix her dog food with (heard this was good for her skin and fur). she eats Moist N Meaty, Pedigree (my other dogs food). I did notice that the itching seems to have started when we started feeding her Science Diet from the vet. Does anyone have any suggestions? Unsure Definetly need advice.


Mar 29, 2004, 9:01 PM

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Re: [swtlisab] Need Advice [In reply to] Can't Post

Hello ...

Pyoderma is rather generic term describing a condition where the dog itches because of the presence of bacterial infection of the outer layer of the skin and hair follicles, most often caused by Staphylococcus bacteria ... The bacterial infection is itself easy to treat with antibiotic ...

Check this artcle ... http://www.vetcentric.com/...e.cfm?ARTICLEID=1010 ...

Many dogs as they get older get stronger and pyoderma is naturally handled by the dog ... but sometimes the dog needs our assistance ...

Superficial pyoderma can be effectively treated by a prescription of antiboitics ... but sometimes, there are "underlying reasons" that cause the skin infection in the first place. The presence of these underlying causes can make it more difficult to successfully treat pyoderma ...

It is very difficult over a forum of this nature to determine what is actually causing the pyoderma on your dog ... and a good vet experienced can can run a variety of tests, including scrapings & cultures to try and pin-point the possible causes of the pyoderma ...

In the meantime ... what you can do to help your pup - is to provide a good healthy diet together will proper supplements. Many skin problems are removed or minimised when a proper diet is given.

A good diet raises your dog's general immunity and that will help your pup control pyoderma.

Just my thoughts:

(A) Personally, I am not a great fan of the current brands of dog food you are using. There are many other better brands available for about the same or slightly more cost. Do some research on the internet on the pros and cons of various brands of kibble. Search the threads in this forum for relevant information ... just use the SEARCH function above.

A good kibble will use meats of good quality (humangrade/organic source is best), will minimise the use of corn, wheat or soy fillers (brown rice filler preferred), will not contain chemical preservatives ... and contain supplements of vitamins & minerals in a form that your dog can absorb. Do some research.

But perhaps best of all ... consider giving freshly prepared food (whether cooked or raw, or a combination) to your dog ... The giving of freshly prepared foods, provides much benefit ... and improves a dog's general health & immunity.

Check out these sites ...



(B) Move from a beef based diet to a lamb or chicken base ... Because beef is so commonly used these days, it has become a potential allergen ... triggering itchiness and scratching ... Alternating sources of protein is also a good idea. Also check on what is the correct amount of protein to feed your dog.

(C) Supplements ... rather than vegetable oil ... I would suggest a good overall supplement (many good breands are available from your local pet shop). A good place to start is to check the internet for holistic or organic type supplements. The secret to successful supplementing is to provide the correct vitamins, minerals & trace elements in the correct amount, balance and proportion.

Unless you are reasonably familiar with dog nutrition (or while you are learning about dog nutrition), it may be better to provide a general supplement rather than individual components ...

Avoid giving calcium supplement unless you are very sure you know what to do. Excessive calcium or calcium whithout correct phosphorus balance is not good especially for young dogs ...

Check ... http://www.burns-pet-nutrition.co.uk/vitamins.html

Cheers Smile


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Mar 30, 2004, 5:08 AM

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Re: [surchinmy] Need Advice [In reply to] Can't Post

Wow! some really great information, thank you! I'm going to research some of those sites and suggestions today. The vet that told me it was puppy pyoderma did say it's staph but she told me it was from not cleaning (and she's sooo low to the ground). I have been treating with the peroxide and antibiotic ointment for about 2 weeks and this has taken care of the pustules. She does have these white spots now (like scars) where the pustules were, I guess this is a normal healing (scar) process???

I gave Sammi an oatmeal bath this weekend and it seems to help minimize the itching for a couple days but today she back to itching again. The diet change (so far) doesn't seem to be improving her itchiness either. I keep looking at her skin but it really doesn't seem flaky or bothered in any sense. I'm beginning to wonder if it's not bugs or something and I just don't see them (or signs).

I do need to take her to the vet, I've just been short of $$$ lately and was hoping the diet change, vitamin E and veg. oil would be the solution. Which brings me to another questions, can you overdose a puppy/dog on Vitamin E??????

thank you again for the valuable information, I'm sure I'll find something to help. Smile


Mar 30, 2004, 7:39 AM

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Re: [swtlisab] Need Advice [In reply to] Can't Post

From your post ... I'd say you are heading in the right direction ... Smile ...

I think peroxide is a great cleaning agent ... very effective, athough it can sting and dry the skin a little ... You could well be correct, and the the white spots are just healing skin that are pigment-free ... just observe carefully, to make sure they are not newly developing pustules ...

And bathing with oatmeal shampoo will help reducing itching ... But as you have discovered, the effect of oatmeal is rather shortlived ... You might like to bath the pup once very 2 weeks and see how that goes ...

As for Vitamin E ...

" ... It is possible that excessively high levels of vitamin E could compete with the other fat soluble vitamins resulting in lower absorption of these necessary nutrients. For example, excessively high levels of vitamin E intake in normal dogs resulted in bleeding disorders due to an induced vitamin K deficiency (too much vitamin E "squeezed out" the vitamin K and prevented it from being absorbed at the amounts required for normal blood clotting.) Excessive levels of vitamin E have also been associated with nausea ..."

Check these sites:



Yeah ... understand about the $$$ factor ... One bit of good news, we have actually discovered that it is not necessarily more expensive to feed freshly prepared foods ... It can, especially with the help of a friendly neighbourhood butcher be cheaper ... Human grade offal, tendons and meat scraps aren't necessarily more expensive than buying processed dog food ...

Just keep your dog under observation, until you save the necessary funds for the vet ... go with the diet change ... and keep your fingers crossed, as your dog grows older - the skin issues may reduce all by themselves ...

All the best ... Smile


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