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Dog Kichi

Jul 17, 2003, 6:34 AM

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Re: [chaichai] Distemper Suspect

Hi, I'm sorry to hear about your puppy. My puppy, Bubbles had distemper also. It started with coughing, runny nose, diarrhea..there was also some blood in her diarrhea too. Then she had severe conjuctivitis (both her eyes turned completely blue!!)...loss of appetite...I had taken her to a vet but as her condition worsened, he still could not diagnose her condition....then I took her to another vet and we then found out what was really wrong with her after doing some blood test. I was told by vet that one of the symptoms, is the hardening of their paws too. Bubbles lost a great deal of weight too and I started feeding her on boiled chicken meat...and anything her little heart desired.She was off kibbles for months and I tried various types of can dog food on her too.

It took us months...with many visits to vet, antibiotics, vitamins and lots of love and "manjaing"....but Bubbles managed to pull through. She is well and happy again. Is Chai Chai on antibiotics now?Was he given a blood test? How is the Petshop handling him? Bubbles have missed her first jab due to her sickness and by the 5th month it was too late for the 1st jab and just proceeded with the 2nd jab and 3rd jab. I do hope the petshop is taking care of her well..and hopefully it is not distemper. Best of luck

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