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Apr 27, 2008, 12:45 PM

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1 year old friendly dog for adoption

Dear Dog Lovers/ Potential Owners,
  • Dog Breed : Crossed Terrior & Unknown.
  • Age of Dog : Below 1 yr, approx. 8 months old
  • Reason for putting up for adoption : No ability to keep her anymore
  • Sex : Female
  • Health Condition : Healthy
  • Last Visit to the Vet (include name of VET) : Aug 2007 - St.Angels Puchong
  • Provide contact number : yuegynn@puppy.com.my - phone number obtainable if you are interested in adopting.

I found this dog last year August wandering around the streets. She was about a month plus and believed she's been ill-treated with no proper food as she was not able to walk properly. Her tip of the tail and hind legs were bald. So we took her home and sent her to the vet. We are a couple staying in a rented home, both working. To be frank, we have no ability to take care of her due to our financial status as well as our tight schedule. We have a dog adopted earlier and have saved a kitten who nearly died from a drain and a rabbit abandoned by prev. owner in a pet shop dueto skin disease. All our pets are saved and we are unable to provide good food for them. Thus decided to at least let go one dog as she needs proper nutrition to grow up. It is not easy for us to make such decision but we have to. Our little doggy's named Faith. She's fluffy and has a smiling face. She's active,likes to run around the garden, and very healthy. We are unable to let her free in our compound because both our neighbours dislike dogs and have scolded us a few times. Left with no choice, we have to cage her when we're off to work and only let her go when we're back from work for a little while. So dear PetLovers, I hope you can help us by providing little Faith with a proper home. No fees needed, only proper care and love for our little monster. Pic attached.

P/S :She has no fleas / ticks / mites

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