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K9 Maniac

Feb 17, 2002, 3:15 AM

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Re: [Rainbow] Avoiding your dog being poisoned?

Hi Rainbow,

I must admitted that I did "over re-act" toward your early statement ... but as mentioned all this are for the sake of discussion. If I ever did "un-intentionally" twisted your word around ... please forgive!!!

Now ... I like to seek for better understanding and to hear from your (or other forum members) point of view toward the following:

... I say you should not expect your dog to guard your house ...
When human-being first obtain dog from the wild, people use them to assist in hunting as well as to protect their living area ... If "those" people could do so,
Why can I (we) expected my (our) dog to guard my (our) house?

... plainly and simply is because if you leave them out at night to guard your house, they might get hurt!!!
mmmuhhhhh, I am fully aware how you feel over your dog ... but, I see no reason why are you saying that ... Unless you aren't attached to them and have them solely and plainly to guard ... whether I (or we) attached to the dog or not is totally a different point of view for not allowing them on guard by itself.

A soldier in Malaysia consider a peaceful employment for one when to compare in other country in term of regular wars' duties. A Malaysian soldier can get married and he can be a loving husband and an responsible father apart from his duty to serve and to protect his country.

When situation come, country needed him for Wars and unfortunately, he lost his life in the thin line of duties, could we put the blamed over the country??? Or the enemy?

I guess I can understand your situation over your beloved dog, you are keeping her strictly for companionship but what I want to stress is, the dog (trained or untrained) is suppose to be EXPECTED to guard just like a Soldier does!!!

If we worry over the dog's safety while he is on guard, then as an owner, we should train the said dog, which this would help and to minimize the un-present incident.

... since this is their natural instint, you cannot stop them from doing it ... but you shouldn't expect them to do it as well ... Regard to this line, I would say, we can stop them for doing it and would encourage them to do it with some level of training!!!

Only certain breeds were bred and designed to enhance their guarding abilities..to make them look fierce and so on...the rest toy breeds...and other breeds had an inbuilt instinct to guard their territory...as in all wild dogs...so, nope dogs weren't designed or built for guarding purpose..they came with it.. Well, whether they (some) are "designed" to enhance or they (some) came with it ... the bottom line is they know how to guard as this is
one of a dog's natural instinct as you mentioned.

... You can't stop a dog from barking but you also shouldn't expect it to bark just for guarding purposes ...
If I understanding this sentence correctly, I can STOP a dog from barking and I can "enhance" this dog for guarding purpose with some level of training!!!

Get REAL, Train REAL & Be REAL! Do RIGHT and FEAR No One!

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