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lookin 2 adopt a puppy


Oct 12, 2008, 11:07 PM

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lookin 2 adopt a puppy Can't Post

hey guyz,

im new in tis forum...all time dog lover from perak...anyway...i just lost my dog of 12 years a few days back. lookin to adopt any small or medium breed dog/puppy...can any1 help??



Nov 16, 2009, 5:45 AM

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Re: [ViQ-Na] lookin 2 adopt a puppy [In reply to] Can't Post

Do you by any chance would be interested to adopt 2 female puppies around 5-6 months old?

Well, the story is, we found the mother with her 3 puppies at one of the deserted house next to my workplace. At first we got someone to adopt the whole family. But too bad, few months later, the adopter move out from the place and did not intend to take them along. So again, we help them find a new home. Manage to help the mother (already spayed) and son find a home but the 2 female puppies were not so lucky. After that, a lady from KL hit chest said will adopt them but because I, myself have no place for them, so we ended up putting the both puppies at a foster home. At the very last minute, the lady when missing and till now could not be reached. :S And what's worse is the fosterer could no longer keep them as he has other rescued puppies coming in. Cannot blame him because in the first place we told him that we are only boarding them at his place till november. Few days back, we receive another call from a lady (also from KL) that she would like to adopt one of the puppies. She was supposed to be here on Friday but till now, no-show...she keep postponing the day...from friday to saturday to sunday....haiz...and as the fosterer could not keep them anymore, we have moved the puppies out and they are actually now in my boyfriend's apartment. You know that its not convenient to keep 2 puppies in the apartment, not to mention he is staying together with his 2 other friends and if anyone by any chance complain to the aprtment management, we are in HOT SOUP.

Both the puppies are quite shy and timid (might be due to too much moving around making feel neglected). Sigh!

I have contacted a lot of rescuer and fosterers, none could take them in... :-( i am total lost.

Hope you can help give them a good home. :-(

Best Regards,
Ellen (0174066077)

P/S: We can help to subsidize the spaying if needed.

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