One of the main highlight of the Malaysia K9 Day 2005 is the Purina Pro Plan uppycom Malaysia Dog Beauty Pageant 2005. This will be the 2nd Dog Beauty Pageant held in Malaysia.

The Puppycom Malaysia Dog Beauty Pageant 2005 is subdivided into 3 different groups and it is open to type of dogs - Mixed Breed or Pure Breed  :-

  1. Small : Dogs below 15"

  2. Medium : Dogs below 20"
  3. Large : Dogs from 20" and above

Each group is to have 6 finalists. 3 Dogs and 3 Bitches will be selected among all the contestants to compete in the final round.

  • 1st Parade Walk - Gait walk and body shape
  • 2nd Parade Walk - Parading best wear
  • 3rd Parade Walk - Talent time (Best Trick or Obedient)

    - 2 minutes is allocated for each participants
    - Tricks have to be performed within the allocated time

Finalist of each group (3 bitches and 3 dogs) is to be judge against others group to get the top 3 pair of Mr & Ms Puppycom 2005 (3 bitches and 3 dogs pair).

Finalist judging will be based on :

  • Dressing of dog
  • Walk and Poise and confidence of dog during parade

Other prizes to be in the pageant :

  • Most  Photogenic Dog
    The number one dog who parades with confidence. Dog or Bitch that are  not shy and  loves the camera and attention will win this award.
  • Most Popular Contestant
    Votes to be based on audience where they would be given a few star stickers during registration and they need to put the sticker onto a cardboard where we would count stars as the winner !
  • Best Dressed / Most Creatively Dressed Dog
    The one dog who is voted by judges as the best dress or the most creatively dressed will win this prize.
  • Best Performer / Most Intelligent Dog
    Votes to be based on dog obedient / intelligence.

Fabulous Prizes to be won and best ever entry for your beloved furkids is absolutely FREE

1st Prize :

Cash RM 500 + Hamper + 3 KG Dog Food x 2 + Trophy + Dog Figurine

2nd Prize :

Cash RM 350 + Hamper + 3 KG Dog Food x 2 + Trophy

3rd Prize :

Cash RM 250 + Hamper + 3 KG Dog Food x 2 + Trophy

Most  Photogenic Dog :

Cash RM 100 + Hamper + Dog Treat

Best Dressed Dog/Most Creatively :

Cash RM 100 + Hamper + Dog Treat

Most Popular Contestant :

Cash RM 100 + Hamper + Dog Treat

Most Intelligent Dog :

Cash RM 100 + Hamper + Dog Treat

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