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Did you ever find your missing dog?


Sep 10, 2002, 7:15 AM

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Did you ever find your missing dog? Can't Post

Hai everyone,

I have new topic for you to discuss but before that I would like to tell you the 'not yet 'ending story....Unsure

Does anyone still remember that I went to visit a breeder by chance sometime back? Well, last week, my friend saw Tigger when bring me back home... and told me that she missed her dog which had been missing for about 1 to 2 year already.Unsure She is still very sad.

Then I told her, we went to a breeder place to see dog... and I remember the breeder told me that he got his dog about 9months old around last year... a Rottie 9 months old!? When my friend decribe her Rottie... well, they seem have similar feature... Mad

So, we bring my friend to see the Rottie in the morning last week... She almost cried and just stared at the dog...but we just keeped quiet and went off.

Guess what ... that evening, she bring her brother (he is a lawyer), a few friends and the guy who gave her the dog... to the breeder house... Crazy

At first sight, her brother recognise the Rottie is their, and demand the breeder to return the dog... the breeder deny and refuse to let them examine the dog further... They then give the breeder time to do the blood test of Rottie to prove the breeder's claim.

Well, my friend is 100% sure the rottie is her and she has the Rottie Cert. and she know where the Rottie's flaw feature which can be proved by vet.... She will take legal action against the breeder if the breeder ignore her claim... To be Countinue.... Frown

Wow, we don't know that she is going to be that extreme... Unsure She just told my hubby today what she had done. Mak-datuk, that remind me not to buy from unknown people, pup or dog... might be stolen or lost dog...Crazy

Haiya, we lost one place to see puppy lar... But I'm glad she found her dog....Smile

To discuss, what would you do if you found your lost or stolen dog in other ppl's house? Would you be like my friend or just let it be? I think my friend can claim the dog cos... she has cert. and vet to certify that is her dog...



Sep 10, 2002, 6:20 PM

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Re: [evehock] Did you ever find your missing dog? [In reply to] Can't Post


If I were to find my missing dog in other people house or else, I SURE will question that fellow and demand back my doggieMad

But do you think the dog will still remember herhis owner rite...dog are not stupid creturesUnimpressed

Hmmm...if she cant remember me then just ignore lar...

One of my frens told me to take kiddie for a walk around our neighbourhood. WHY, because incase she got lost she will be able to find her way back home!



Sep 10, 2002, 6:44 PM

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Re: [melanie] Did you ever find your missing dog? [In reply to] Can't Post

WOW what a big problem. Yes I think I will go all the way to get my doggie back and make sure the person who steals my dog get the right punishment.
Having our doggie microchip will solved any discrepency. Wander how much it is to have them
microchiped. Anyone done it before?

It is true as Melanie say , bring doggie for walk so in case they are lost they can find their way back. Also give them a tag with only your phone number there. Do not have the doggie name there. If the person who finds your dog are responsible people like us , we definetely will return the doggie.

However if the doggie is stolen then we will not likely to find our dog unless by chance we come across them. To avoid our doggie being stolen we have to be careful that no one can climb into our compound and just take the doggie away.
Keep your dog in a safe place especially when they are still a puppy. People with small and friendly dogs will have to be extra carefull. There are so many dog nappers now a days.

We can play a role in all this....
It is true avoid buying doggies from breeders who's background we do not know. I would suggest getting the breeders contact from MKA instead of just calling up those that advertise on the papers.
Do be extra carefull when the breeder tells you that the doggie does not have a certificate. Find out why there are no certs and if the reason is valid then only go ahead with the purchase.

In this way we can avoid being trap into buying stolen dogs . When no one buys from this people then they will have no market and they will hopefully stop stealing dogs.
Yes when the buying stops so will the stealing.

Just my long two cent's worth of though. Wink

Many doggie cheers,

Cheng See
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Sep 10, 2002, 11:08 PM

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Re: [TohCS] Did you ever find your missing dog? [In reply to] Can't Post

Hi Cheng See,

My Bonney's microchip is come with the cert, when the breeder register for their new puppies. My vet demostrated to me by reading the microchip info from the reader he bought from MKA, the reader is like a barcode reader size (may be sloght bigger) with a big circle/round front for detecting the chip location. Info inside the chip is the microchip number that tight to the birth certificate.

I think is not too expensive for getting your doggie microchiped.

For those puppies who were born after March this year will be microchip instead of the number on their ear. I believe is tatoo or something like that.

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Sep 12, 2002, 5:05 AM

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Re: [boon] Did you ever find your missing dog? [In reply to] Can't Post

Dear Boon,

You are right.. Some of the pure breed dog have sort of tattoo number at their ear... As the not so pure breed dog like my Tigger only will depend on scar or birthmark which is recorded by vet in their medical card.

My above story continue... Yesterday, one man called my friend's brother and confirmed that he caught the dog on the road and sold it to the breeder. So, they have the confirmation that the dog is my friend's dog. But since the dog don't recognise her anymore, she will been compensate with one off spring of the Rottie. Sad but true... The Rottie have forget her...Frown

Anyway, my friend is happy to know that her dog is still alive and have been very good taking care by the breeder. The end.

P/s :-Blush Pls forgive me for any grammar or spelling mistake... Haiya, Lama tak write story mar...Tongue



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