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Pup has smaller pupil and hard bubbles on the eye

Dog Kichi

Jul 12, 2002, 10:14 PM

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Pup has smaller pupil and hard bubbles on the eye Can't Post

My neighbour adopted a puppy a month ago. The pup has a smaller pupil in the left eye and there are also two hard bubbles at the top corner and one at the bottom of the affected eye. She has taken him to an animal clinic in Subang Jaya and was referred by the vet to see a lecturer at the Hospital Veterinar at UPM in Serdang for second referral. Both of them concluded that there was no vision at all in the left eye as the pup could be born with the defect and there was nothing they could do to correct his pupil and vision.

But my neighour, being with the pup all the time at home insisted that his pup does has vision, no matter how blur it is, in the left eye.

She didn't give up hope and took his pup to another vet for consultation. This vet told her that eye problems are actually common to all the doggies and advised her to apply steroid ointment on the pup's left eye twice a day. It seems to have a slight improvement after putting the pup on this ointment for a month, the bubbles went down a bit but the pupil still as small as before. The vet advised to have a minor operation on the pup's eye to push up the pupil and also to remove the bubbles when the pup reaches 8 or 9 months old.

Has anyone out there ever come across this small pupil and eye bubbles thing before?
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