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Can somebody teach me? potty train seems failed. =(

Shirley Q
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Aug 24, 2012, 8:41 AM

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Can somebody teach me? potty train seems failed. =( Can't Post

The story is like this:

i've brought my Shih Tzu back home when she was 7 weeks old. I've potty train her outdoor pee & poo at the 1st place, but she likes to bite everything on floor, even small rocks on the floor she also will swallow it, so i decided to train her with wee wee pad.

At 1st, i started with newspaper (havent bought wee wee pad & tray), she manage to pee on the newspaper. But sometimes she will bite it !! Then when i got her wee wee pad, she will wee wee on the pad in wee wee tray sometimes. And i noticed that once she peed once on the pad, she won repeat use the pad anymore and choose to wee wee on the floor infront the tray.

Whereas poo, she NEVER poo on the wee wee pad. She can pee on the pad but poop outside the tray. Sad case.

Now even worse, sometimes NEW wee wee pad she also wont pee on it and choose to pee on the floor. And i've noticed something as well, when she is not kept in her compound (infront her cage) she can wee/ poo on ANY carpet freely.Frown As long as it's carpet / any clothes, she can do it when she feels like.

She is purposely dont want to do business in the tray on the pad, cause when i moved the tray to the spot she always did, she choose to do it nearby the tray, just NOT in the tray.

I dont know what to do anymore now. I kept her in cage all the time except after meal (for pee & poo) & playing time. She usually sleeps in my room with me in her basket, sometimes she will come my bed to share my bed too. But the night before she sudden poop on my room carpet midnight when we all slept. Yesterday i kept her in cage outside living room whole night. *heartache*

It seems like she already lost control, is it? I dont now what to do now. I screamed NO when she keep find things to bite, even wires, dirt, my hair also. I hit her with my hand when she keep on continue biting (other stuffs besides her toy). But now when we call her name "RUBY! RUBY", she don't even bother to look at us also, she just keep on searching for things to bite.

I don't know what's going wrong and how to fix this problem. Can anybody teach me what to do? Now she already 10 weeks old (2 months plus), i afraid when she grow even bigger even harder to fix this problem already.



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