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Dog MOMO Dermatology, sharing! Dog skin problems

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Mar 12, 2012, 1:30 AM

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Dog MOMO Dermatology, sharing! Dog skin problems Can't Post

A story of treating dog skin disease, we hope to help! Pet skin disorders are the most crucial.Keeps a call at home ¡°MOMO¡± The Samoyed, head of Dermatology every summer I really is one of the first two. All types of skin diseases have been plaguing my baby. My house MOMO Now 3 Years old. 2008 years age, likes to run grass MOMO began to frequent itching, gnawed. First does not care, who is the red dot is a flea bite. Doctor introduced her to buy a bottle of spray coming back. At first spray,MOMO appear symptoms of sneezing, vomiting, thought it was the right response. Later, vomiting, twitching of extremities. Fright I quickly took to a hospital run (but did not dare to buy the pharmacy store), after an injection treatment, MOMO Small life saving back. Then the doctor told me, was I to MOMO chemical toxicity, poisoning! Scares me to look at the pharmacy all thrown into the dumpster. After the observation of MOMO, spirit than ever before. Also without the previous and kicking, Tickle is the frequency of the decline. After this, I dare not lightly, start online for pet skin treatment methods, also joined the discussion of some pets. 2009Year, MOMO Was again a large a large swelling, discharge of skin diseases. Doctors are suffering from mites. Doctors began to MOMO shot, soaking and bathing. After tossing a week,MOMO came home, he still has no healing of dermatitis, looked very spirit. We started to care, ointment with a hospital back in accordance with the doctor's orders. But MOMO saw cream at a time, either struggling or in hiding, I told her husband can only be closed firmly grabbed apply medicationto, MOMO , we are not. But this ordeal did not let MOMO skin better. Mite has been discharging place were not good, and there are signs of proliferation. I started rescue and Internet consulting, and finally in a group discussion area, learned that a skin cream, '' tillhope '' Rub directly on the dogs skin ointment, used three times to see the effect (just starting to distrust, can cure for three days). And is licking the Salve, which reassured me a lot, after all, will go lick dog rub salve, to rub. I asked for the Group of enthusiastic dog friends, there are skin diseases of dogs after using, that works well. I hold a try, network purchased a small bottle. After get the ointment, I can't wait to use. MOMO began to flee the journey, husband grabbed MOMO paint on tillhope ,MOMO no hiding right now, but obediently sat in front of us. When this is my medication before MOMO no reaction to him in the hospital before driving back cream, cleaning up and hide, and then rub and scratch. I worry about MOMO is to lick ointment (while writing a licking, but this is, after all, cream), I hold him, quietly after five minutes,MOMO has quietly asleep. Up the next day observation of MOMO 's dermatitis. Obviously de red a lot of redness of the outer ring,MOMO nor the number of flexible so often before. Continue to adhere to sooner or later. More observations at night where there is Dermatitis, swelling has disappeared in the Middle, yellow has seen no, on this evening MOMO slept soundly, also issued the " hum " of sleep. Third days of drug use MOMO began to play bite balls you want to play with me, this is the first time after he is suffering from skin diseases such a spirit. Finally, MOMO playing tired, quickly turned over MOMO 's wound, slightly red yesterday was already completely fade the redness, yellow mucus is gone. MOMO the day didn't Tickle. Adhere to the 3 days, there really is hope. Watch MOMO Returning to the smiley face, I hanging rock was finally put down, hold tight MOMO ¡£ Now come to think of it, is really hurt the MOMO. Now is 2011 Summer MOMO Dermatitis never sinned, once in a while a little fungal infection, I'll rub on '' tillhope '', the cream is effective, therefore other skin diseases I have just cleaned up drug, will be able to see better the next day. Now, MOMO, is a handsome young man, has a reputation in the community of the stars!! Haha, there are pet owners, cannot afford to hurt!! Hope that MOMO is now suffering from a skin disease of dogs of your own friends helping!!! If you have any question you can ask them.thay are very Friendly. I am attaching their email Frowntillhopecom@yahoo.com Frownand web site I forget. 

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Apr 1, 2012, 8:55 PM

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Re: [ken223] Dog MOMO Dermatology, sharing! Dog skin problems [In reply to] Can't Post

I tried googling this 'tillhope' you mention but it turns up vague. Care to take upload a pciture of this med?


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