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Eng Cocker Spaniel 7yr old - will be EUTHANISED unless adopted by 8 Dec :( in SUBANG JAYA


Nov 27, 2009, 6:04 PM

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Eng Cocker Spaniel 7yr old - will be EUTHANISED unless adopted by 8 Dec :( in SUBANG JAYA Can't Post

URGENTLY looking for a loving family to adopt my 7-8 yr old pure breed English Cocker Spaniel, or she will be EUTHANISED at PAWS on 8 December 09 Frown (my mum has booked her in)

I unexpectedly moved to New Zealand about 6 years ago and my mum has been looking after her, but mum is also coming to NZ soon and she hasn't managed to rehome her, hence her decision to put her to sleep Frown Being so far away, there's nothing much I can do so I'm hoping a kind soul will read this forum thread.

She has some ongoing skin problems and is using special shampoo and eating diet-specific Eukanuba food. She needs to be kept preferably indoors as excessive exposure to heat aggravates her skin. (We currently have her outdoor enclosure specific to her needs Ė with an awning and ceiling fan that is turned on if she is left outside). Her new family must be prepared to provide her needs. I am not trying to be fussy or picky, but it is ESSENTIAL that this is made known to her future family. Perhaps someone who is better versed with dogs versus my mother who doesnít really have the time nor knowledge to deal with dog issues.

We feel that if we canít find someone is prepared to care for her that it will be better to put her down, rather than let her suffer without the proper diet, environment and care she needs Frown

She is up PURELY FOR ADOPTION, but with the PREREQUISITE that her family understands her needs and are prepared to meet them. It saddens me thoroughly to have to give her up, but if this thread finds someone who will be kind to her, I will be so grateful. It will be better than putting her to sleep.

If you think you can be her new family, please contact me urgently BEFORE 8 DECEMBER 2009 so I can save her precious little life.

I donít think we are allowed to provide our personal email address on this forum (I am new to this forum), but I will be watching this thread with hope for any response. She is in Subang Jaya, and I will arrange for my mum to meet you and speak to you if you are interested to see if she is suitable for you, and vice versa.

To reach me urgently, you can text or ring me on my NZ mobile +64 21 0495 377

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Dec 8, 2009, 3:30 PM

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Re: [cgmich] Eng Cocker Spaniel 7yr old - will be EUTHANISED unless adopted by 8 Dec :( in SUBANG JAYA [In reply to] Can't Post

Megan is now adopted and in a loving home


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