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Hunting Beagles


Jun 12, 2007, 1:02 AM

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Hunting Beagles Can't Post

For those interested in my project to use beagles and beagle cross for hunting wild boars, this is the latest.

My project to breed a good hunting dog for hunting Wild Boar in Malaysian jungles has been somewhat of a great success.

The Beagles crossed with local hunting dog produced 3 offsprings which are now proven good as any local hunting dog but with a better ability to detect the smell of the wild boar. Their bark unfortunately became "local" .

The Pure bred Beagles lived up to their reputation and in just under a year since whelping, are now probably the best of the pack. Their howl fills the jungle valleys whenever there is wild boar. They are howling and away as soon as there is fresh wild boar scent.

I have recently aquired a bitch which even chases flies and makes a lot of noise in doing so. This bitch should be the mother of my next generation of hunting beagles.

Another bitch kept me up all night sitting outside my garden store. It turned out there was a musang residing in the store ! Sorry, Musang had to go, before neighbours complain.

Canine Addict

Aug 24, 2007, 11:40 PM

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Re: [tuckfook] Hunting Beagles [In reply to] Can't Post

Tuck Fook,

I came across a book mentioned about Beagle Harrier, is a French breed which was produced by crossing the Beagle and the larger Harrier.

Another one is HamiltonStovarre (Hamilton Hound) is also a cross-breedings between English Fox-hound and Kurland Beagles.

I believe the above dogs still produce hounds sound.

So what name are you intend to call your hunting cross beagle? Do they still carry the distinctive Beagle features like long ears and expressive eyes? May be you can show us the picture of your new generation hunting beagle.


Aug 25, 2007, 5:26 AM

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Re: [GSlover] Hunting Beagles [In reply to] Can't Post


Unfortunately the crosses did not fulfil my dreams for a good Malaysianised hunting dog. They do not howl like the beagles and they are not as good as the beagles in the detection by nose areas. they chase and bark like all the other dogs but the do not have strong beagle features, no sad eyes but longish ears only.

I am going to try cross with another breed but will have to find better compatible features. Right now, pedigree beagles are the best so far. Got to identify the ones with the best hunting abilities first.

Thanks for the leads, I'll research them.



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