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barking problem and help needed urgently


May 12, 2005, 2:15 AM

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barking problem and help needed urgently Can't Post

i really really need help and i need it urgently. my dog, a mix breed is barking whenever he's not happy with things, example, if there's any noise at night, etc. and i'm staying in an apartment in penang so my neighbours are begining to complain about my dog. if he doesn't stop, i'll have to remove my dog.

i would really appreaciate if anyone would let me know where i can get a barking collar and whether it works. i've been told that i could de-voice my dog but i think that is really very cruel unless if i'm really out of options. i can't send him for training coz i'll have to take him out of the apartment and if i do, they'll never let me bring the dog back again. my place is preety strict about dogs.

i suppose the best is to get a barking collar but i can't find one in the pet shops in penang. where can i get it? i really would like to get one, if it does. and can anyone help by telling me where can i get a good vet that could do de-voicing, if there's really no choice. that will be the last of the last option but at least, i need to know where can i get a good vet. i've been told that there's a good vet in ipoh and i don't mind going there if there's no choice but i don't know the name of the vet or the contact number or anything about the vet. there's none in penang that i think is good enough to do such surgery.

another thing that i would like to know is whether de-voicing works?

thanks for all the help and i really appreciate them. i'm really out of options to try to keep my dog.


May 15, 2005, 10:48 AM

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Re: [snowpuppy] barking problem and help needed urgently [In reply to] Can't Post

Hi snowpuppy,

It's hard keeping a dog in an apartment ... also you don't say how old your pup/dog is, how long you have had him, or where your pup/dog sleeps in the apartment ... But you need to do something NOW ... for obvious reasons ...

(A) First ~ realise that all dogs will bark ... and barking is a natural instinct ... A dog uses its bark to communicate ... It is impossible to prevent a dog from barking completely, all you can do is reduce incidence of barking.

(B) Second ~ If you just got your pup/dog ~ and he is still a pup ~ it's normal for a pup to bark the first few nights because he is frightened, in a strange place.

Things you can try:

(1) Spend as much time as you can with your dog, the faster a pup gets used to you & his environment, the more at home he feels ~ the less frightened he is going to feel at night when its dark and quiet ~ and therefore the less he will bark.

(2) Make sure your pup/dog gets plenty of exercise just before bedtime ... Play with him, use a toy or ball ~ whatever works ... the more tired your pup/dog is ~ the less likely he is to bark ...

Also make sure your pup/dog gets to go to the toilet before bedtime ... so that he is not barking because he need to go pee or poop.

(3) Let your pup/dog sleep in your room ... Make him a bed with a small mattress ... and let him sleep next to your bed. Being close to you will help him feel safer, and so again ~ less barking.

If you do the above ~ there is a good chance your dog will reduce its barking.

Remember ~ no punishment ~ no scolding ... that is only going to frighten him even more ... What you must do is make your pup/dog feel really comfortable and safe with you in your apartment.

All that said ~ please re-think your circumstances, it is going to be very difficult to raise a dog completely in-doors ~ without ever taking your dog out. Being in constant fear of being found out ~ is going to be so stressful.

"De-barking" a dog will reduce the sound of the barks ~ but will not stop the dog from barking ... and as mentioned above ~ barking is natural to a dog.

All the best


May 30, 2005, 8:42 PM

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Re: [snowpuppy] barking problem and help needed urgently [In reply to] Can't Post

Hello snowpuppy,

I have seen the barking collar selling in Pet Wonderland in kl and selangor. THe cost, if i am not mistaken about RM600 but i am not sure whether it works or not. Never use it before.

I think debarking is a more cruel way but it still not illegal to debark in malaysia. Please do find out the side effect k? Seen some dogs that had been debark, they do bark like normal, just that there will be no voice.

But it depends on you. whatever you decide, find out the best 1st before taking any actions. Think the best for your lovely pup. Good luck to you.


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