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pupies fight


Oct 11, 2004, 7:21 PM

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pupies fight Can't Post

i have 2 puppies, a male jrt ono and a bitch mongrel snowy.

when i move to my new house, i adopt snowy and i let her stayed in my house for a week after then i get my ono back from my frens house. my ono is 4 month old, and my snowy is about 8 weeks old. at first when i put them together snowy will bite on ono and ono will keep avoiding her, but then few days later they will start bite on each others but most of the time, snowy will start biting on ono first. then ono will fight back now. when i feed them together, snowy will eat half from her food, and will go and eat ono's food, and she's growl when ono want to eat at his place. i donno whether this is normal or not as i had no experience on taking care of 2 puppies at one time. please advice. thanks

nothing is imposible, it just looked that way.


Oct 12, 2004, 12:00 AM

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Re: [ilovenba] pupies fight [In reply to] Can't Post

Hi ...

Very much depends on what you mean by "fight" ...

When young dogs play, it may sound like a fight, but actually they are only playing and no harm is done ... This is quite normal.

It is also through this play and the pups determine who is going to be dominant or leader ... the older dog is not necessarily going to be the leader ...

When raising more than one dog at a time ... you need to learn & understand how dogs interract one with the other ... the issue of dominance and how to handle the issue of dominance becomes very important.

Suggest you use the search function and read all the threads on "dominance" ...

On the issue of feeding ... you have to take control of the feeding ... slip a collar on Snowy, and don't let her get Ono's food ... if she tries, you have to tell Snowy "No" ...

There is a particular way to train the command "NO" ... its effectiveness requires you to learn and understand that tone of voice is very important.

Suggest you use the search function and read all the threads on how to train a dog to understand the command NO.

Better still go and get a good dog training manual and read.



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