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Cacing jantung dalam anjing.


Feb 27, 2002, 6:31 AM

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Cacing jantung dalam anjing. Can't Post

Heartworm infestation in dogs is transmitted by mosquitoes, especially those flew all the way from Timbuktu!!
I'll rephrase the above sentence for easier reading.
Heartworms come from mosquitoe bites.
The symptom is easily detected. The animal will have an occasional dry cough; tire easily; less active; the barking is somewhat coarse in nature; panting when the weather is cool and gradual wasting despite a hearty appetite. Any one of these symptoms is a prime suspect to heartworms that had already been formed and lodged inside the heart.
In order to verify the existence, it is necessary to take your dog to the clinic for an antigen blood test which is about RM40.00, 100% accurate as compared to RM10.00 for a smear test under the microscope which is only about 20%-30% accurate.
Follow up treatment is the responsibility of the vet and it is best I leave it alone and let the vet earns his keeps.
Next, I will deal on prevention. To be continued.......

Canine Addict

Feb 27, 2002, 6:44 AM

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Re: [Derrickok] Cacing jantung dalam anjing. [In reply to] Can't Post

I'm glad this topic came up! Sandra was diagnosed with advanced heartworm 2-3years ago, but she's still as healthy and energetic as she was when she was a youngster! Just goes to show how some vets will do anything to cheat you for $$!

-= Tisha =-


Feb 27, 2002, 7:08 AM

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Re: [PyRoMaNiAc] Cacing jantung dalam anjing. [In reply to] Can't Post

Indeed I am puzzled! Must be Timbuktu mosquitos, make plenty big noise but no sting!
If 2-3 years ago she was confirmed a heart worm patient, by now she would have been reduced to bones and skin and might even have gone 4 feet under.
Must talk to you on this matter at the pre-show on the 9th. In fact I was told about this too yesterday and also how your GSD went missing!!


Feb 27, 2002, 5:30 PM

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Re: [Derrickok] Cacing jantung dalam anjing. [In reply to] Can't Post

Part. 2.

As mentioned in Part.1, if your animal is tested positive, let the vet advises you what treatment to pursue and let him take over the management of your pet.
We now come to preventive measures that are more beneficial than cure.
There are three tested and proven cost effective methods in the administration of heartworms medicines.
(1) You follow the instructions printed on the box to the dot and this will make the manufacturer happy and laughing to the bank.
(2) You do it the sensible way and make sure that you are not being taken for a ride by fear and intimidation by either the manufacturer or your veterinary surgeon
(3) You could push your luck/stretch your luck until it is like a rubber band just before the snapping point.

Heartworm medicines come in tablets or chewable forms and at least three brands are available in the market only through veterinary clinics.
They are divided into three strengths; namely small dogs weighing less than 30lbs, medium size dogs up to 50lbs and large dogs weighing between 80-100lbs. The price difference between small dogs to large dogs is about RM15.00 to RM20.00
If you were to follow (1), you will select the correct strength for your pet and start it on the preventive treatment as early as 6 months old at 30 days intervals for the rest of its life span. Assuming that your dog hypothetically speaking has a life-span of 11 years old, you would have spent RM1365.00 on heartworm medicine for a small breed, and up to RM1995.00 for a large breed. Anyone interested in these figures could e-mail me for a breakdown.
If you do it the sensible way, your cost could be reduced by about 15% to 25%. The sensible way is not to start your pet at 6 months old. Because your location may not have a carrier that transmit heartworm microfilariae.
But instead, have a blood test at 8 months old. If it is negative, then your animal is safe and sound. Test again at 6 to 8 months interval and if the results are still negative, you can then start the preventive treatment at your own leisure.
The push your luck way is only for those who are adventurous dare to take calculated risks, and fight against all odds and prove critics wrong. In the end, either you are a hero or zero. So far I have been victorious in all battles against canine matters and management. I am not talking about one or just a couple of years, I am referring to decades of years. It is hoped that one day someone from this forum will pick my brain and transfer whatever I knew to help other members.
I have Dalmatians ranging from 68lbs to 30 lbs. I am using ‘Heartguard’.
I am only buying the strength meant for large dogs. Those that are 60lb+ will get one chewable block and those weighing 30lb or less will get either 2/3, ½ or 1/3 block depending on their weight. I do not administer the Heartguard every 30 days, instead they were given every 55 days. This has been going on routinely for the past 6 years and the last blood test results on two of the oldest animals, which was conducted three weeks ago was negative. My cost for preventive treatment for 8 Dalmatians is about RM65.00/dog per year and if any of them is still alive at 11 years old, it would have cost me a total of RM715.00 only as compared to RM1995.00
Well, this is ‘My Way’ as the late Frankie Sinatra used as his signature tune on some of his TV programs; not bad for a Pop singer who could croon for 40 year+ and still be remembered eh?


Feb 28, 2002, 6:56 AM

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Re: [Derrickok] Cacing jantung dalam anjing. [In reply to] Can't Post

Mr Derric, if a dog is tested positive for heartworm, What sort of treatment will the vet administer ? I'm kinda scared to visit the vet nowadays. My dog that had demodex healed completely by itself without any treatment, what i did was just place it at my grandpa place as i suspect my house is too hot for her. That is after spending tons of money on the vet bill.


Feb 28, 2002, 3:54 PM

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Re: [ck_yap] Cacing jantung dalam anjing. [In reply to] Can't Post

Why so scare to visit the vet?
You must look at treatments of animals with an open mind, simply because its a one way traffic, that is to say there is no dialogue between the vet and the animal.
What makes you think that your dog got over the demodex at your grandpa's house without treatment? Could it also be possible that the previous treatment was taking effect while your dog was placed at your grandpa's house? All these type of speculations and guesstimations are detrimental in bringing up a healthy puppy.
My advice to you is, find a reliable vet in town, make friend with him, tell him what you want and know what he is doing is relevant to what you want. You are on the right track and I can assure you that you won't be taken for a ride.
Please read Part.1 of Heartworms in dogs, you will see the 2 methods commonly used for testing and also the costs. So, where is your problem?

Old Hand

May 15, 2002, 7:21 PM

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Re: [Derrickok] Cacing jantung dalam anjing. [In reply to] Can't Post

Currently I'm giving my puppy Heartgard Blue for dogs up to 10kg but I found out that Proheart is much more cheaper. Is is advisable to change to Proheart? Since my pup weigh only 16 lbs, can I give her 2/3 block instead of 1 block?


May 21, 2002, 1:52 AM

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Re: [May] Cacing jantung dalam anjing. [In reply to] Can't Post

Heartguard or Proheart does not make a difference. You could use whatever brand you wish. What I am really puzzled is, why make life difficult for yourself by giving 2/3 block? Keep the other 1/3 for what? I know, you are trying to tell me 2 blocks for 3 months. If you are thinking of cost saving, let me introduce you to this method. Give the whole block, instead of every 30 days, stretch it to 45 days. You will only need 8 blocks instead of the 12 blocks. I assure you with confidence, that 45 days interval are absolutely safe, because I have done an in depth study on heartworms and I am on this method for the last 5 years and all my dogs are free from heartworms. I will not advise you on something with has never been tested and proven.

Old Hand

May 21, 2002, 4:39 PM

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Re: [Derrickok] Cacing jantung dalam anjing. [In reply to] Can't Post

Thanks alot for your advice Uncle Derrick. Really appreciate that.


May 25, 2002, 7:22 AM

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Re: [Derrickok] Cacing jantung dalam anjing. [In reply to] Can't Post

Uncle Derrick, when do I start a pup on heartguard medication? And when does a pup have to go for the antigen test? Do I do this when the pup is administered the booster vaccination?

I would have saved these questions for the Vet, but would appreciate the info. Would love to pop in sometime to return your MKA books to you Uncle Derrick (Actually I just want another excuse to come and play with your dalmations!)Wink


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