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SPCA Calls for Harsher Penalties for Animal Abuse


Aug 13, 2004, 7:15 PM

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SPCA Calls for Harsher Penalties for Animal Abuse Can't Post

SPCA Calls for Harsher Penalties for Animal Abuse

Following the recent two cases brought to Court by
Jabatan Haiwan Enforcement Officers (DVS), SPCA is
appealing to the Courts and the Law makers and
decision makers to take into account the seriousness
of these cases and the inadequate penalties at present
are being issued.

The first case, a Breeder in Cheras was fined RM200
for cruelty to 13 dogs, the charge was expected to be
for each individual dog (i.e. 13 X RM200) and the lack
of a ban of keeping animals after prosecution for
cruelty means that each dog was returned to the owner
to continue a life of suffering and production.

The second case, a Daschund named Tim, was chained so
tightly round his neck that the chain had become
embedded into the skin and a six inch wound exposed a
bloody mess around his neck. The owner in this case
was fined RM200 and had to spend one day in jail. The
dog is to be returned to the owner. Tim is still
recovering from his injury and several operations to
remove the chain from his neck.

According to the Law in Malaysia the maximum fine for
cruelty to animals is RM200 and/or 6 months
imprisonment. SPCA is appealing both cases at present
and will aim to have the 13 dogs and Tim surrendered
to SPCA's animal home in Ampang Jaya.

SPCA is appealing that the Animal Ordinance 1953 is
amended to first of all increase the fine to a
realistic fee (after all a pedigree puppy costs about
RM1000 2000 today) and imposes a BAN on KEEPING
ANIMALS following prosecution for CRUELTY.

Add your name and voice to a petition appealing for
amendments to the law protecting animals in Malaysia
which will be handed over to the authorities at World
Animal Day in October.

Please sign the petition at
www.catzmedia.com/spca/petitions/index.asp and
forward this email to as many friends as possible.

Everyone who hasnt signed,please help yah Wink

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