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Cucumber refused to eat at night

Dog Kichi

Feb 11, 2004, 8:03 PM

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Cucumber refused to eat at night Can't Post

Hi All,

I have this problem with cucumber - 11months old GR (slightly fat). hehe.. ok... recently he refuses to eat at night no matter what we cook for him. Eg: chick, porky or lamb with vege and kibbles. He will just come & look at the bowl... not even smell.. look at us and walk off. Last time, my bf will bring the bowl to him and hand feed him... i got so pissed off.. made him so pamper... now, we dont hand feed him anymore at night. As for morning, he is given raw chick to eat. He is hand feed for this bones and chick. comes at night, he refuses to eat from his own bowl. I have come to this possibilities:-

1) He is fussy with food (but its the same food - cooked and uncooked only)

2) He is not hungry during night time?

3) He is pamper - someone have to feed him else he dont wanna eat- he just come and look at the bowl!!

4) This is the worst part - he is sick? - but he eats in the morning.

What should i do? Should i starve him? like morning food also placed into the bowl and night also the same thing, if he doesnt want to eat.. just take the food away and starve him. He refuses to eat at night for 3 nights!


Feb 12, 2004, 12:50 AM

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Re: [amandawong] Cucumber refused to eat at night [In reply to] Can't Post

Does he show any symtom of sickness??

--I have Howling Bean and Lazy Mack.--

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Feb 13, 2004, 2:04 AM

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Re: [amandawong] Cucumber refused to eat at night [In reply to] Can't Post

wow.. Mack mack is right.. STARVE HIM...

actually, puppy should eat more meals.. 2 or 3 even. Cucumber still considered puppy. They need to eat at a specific time. This is because after awhile, the body gets used to the routine n will signal them "hungry"..like us humans with lunch n dinner times...

My vet did this on his GR.. she refused to eat, until the 4th day onwards.. they get hungry after all n have no choice.

If u leave the food there n he doesnt eat it, take it away after 20 mins or so.. he will get used to the way the system works...

dont be soft hearted cos they will bully you and they will control u instead. Dont hand feed them.. if they r spoilt, its cos we spoil them...

make sure u r feeding the right amount of nutrition n food to growing puppies as it is crucial for thier built...

harvey has only kibbles... he is 18mths n has only meal once a day.. now he gobbles his food like a monster...


good luck!!



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