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    FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )
  • How to register as a member of this forum ?
    To sign up as a member, all you need is a valid email address. To begin the registration process, just use this Form and choose a username of your liking.

    Once you click the Sign Up button, the Forum engine will send you a validation link to your email box. Please check and retrieve your email to click the validation link to complete the registration process.

    Bingo ! You are then ready to join the forum discussion.
  • Will the email used in the registration process viewable by others ?
    NO. The primary email address that you use in the registration process is for the Forum Administrator to contact you when the needs arise and is not viewable to the public. You have the option to fill in the second email address that publicly viewable by editing your profile.
  • Is the Forum free to use ?
    Yes, this forum is free to all dog lovers
  • Who can post message in the forum ?
    Only registered users can post messages in this forum. Those who have not  register will be given Guest status when they visit this forum. Guest can view the forum posting but not allow to post.
  • What are the benefits of joining as Forum Members ?
    Forum members will enjoy the following benefits :-
    • Forum members will be able to view, post and edit the message they have posted (within stipulated time frame).
    • Forum members will also receive regular updates on this web site and forum.
    • Regular Newsletter on doggie issues will be sent to Forum Member from time to time.
    • Forum members will also stand to enjoy special offer from our shopping mall from time to time on special discount on various doggie items via email.
  • What is Cookies ?
    Web cookies are small files placed on your computer when you browse websites. Not all websites have these, but many do, especially the large well-known websites. At Puppy.com.my, Cookies are used to recognize your computer when you come back to visit this site again. This will save you the trouble of having to log in each time you visit this web site.
    If you are using your own computer, you may just wish to select the use of cookies when you log in. On the other hand, if you are logging in from the public accessible computer, do not choose the use cookies option so that others will not be able to log in with your profile.
  • I lost my password and not able to login, what should I do ?
    You retrieve your password by using this link
  • Is the posting of Advertising messages allow in this Forum ?
  • How can I post the Advertisement for Sale of Puppies in Commercial Forum ?
    The advertisement for sale of puppies in the commercial forum are paid posting and the charges can be view here >>  
  • I am a registered user but I am not able to access some of the forum. Why ?
    Some sections of the forum is purely for Premium Members of Puppy.com.my and is only viewable by them. The forum basically contain the following :-
    • Special priced items for premium members
    • News for premium members
    • Priority help for forum members
  • How can I register as Premium Members ?
    You can register as a Premium Member of Puppy.com.my here >>
  • Will the messages posted be deleted at later stage ?
    All message posted will not be deleted unless the webmaster or the administrator of the forum decided to do so. 
  • Can I upload my own Avatar ?
    Yes you can but you have to make sure that the Avatar that you are going to upload must be strictly picture of dog only [Picture of Real Dog. Dog Cartoon are also not allowed]. Do not attempt to upload any other type of graphics as your avatar and those found to be in breach of this requirement will have their username disabled.
  • How to upload my Avatar ?
    To upload your Avatar, just follow the steps below :-
    • Select EDIT PROFILE from the top menu
    • Select USER PROFILE
    • Look for Avatar section and browse your Hard Drive or Floppy Drive or any other drive for the graphic file 
    • Click MAKE PROFILE CHANGES at the bottom to upload your Avatar
  • How to edit a picture so that I can use it for my AVATAR ?

    The following is extracted from a post made by Archer, a forum member.
    • Image Manipulation Software(s);
    • Adobe Photoshop (shareware)
    • GIMP (freeware)

      You can use GIMP Version 1.2.4 since it's free.

      Here's a simple walktrough with GIMP.
    • Click on the GIMP icon, the GIMP toolbox will appear
    • Open Image by selecting from the toolbox's menu "File > Open"
    • Change image mode to RGB, right click on the image "Image > Mode > RGB"
    • Decision to crop or not to crop
      • Crop region
        • From the tool box (with icons) select the icon which is situated, second row, 4th icon from the left [Crop or resize the image]
        • Select the image, hold down the left mouse button and drag. While dragging, a popup dialog box will appear. When u r done selecting the region u wish to crop, hit the "crop" button from the popup dialog box
        • You're done cropping the image
      • Desire entire image
        • No actions required
    • Resize the Image by right clicking on the image, "Image > Scale Image". Alter the "New width" textbox to 120px. The Height will automatically change by the correct ratio
    • Save file by right clicking on the image, "File > Save As"
    • You are done 
  • Is the posting of message on dog matching allow in this forum ?
    We have disabled the forum on dog matching sometime ago and we feel that such forum tend promote irresponsible breeding. Hence posting of message of such nature is also not allowed in other forum.
  • When I try to log into the forum, the message says that my account is not enabled. Why ?
    This simply mean that the Administrator of the forum has disabled your account. The most common reason why some of the accounts are disabled by the Forum Administrator are the posting advertising contents in the forum. Posting of advertising contents is strictly not allowed and we will disable any account that found to be in breach of this rule.
  • I tried to use the Private Messaging facilities in the forum but it simply does not work. Why ?
    The Private Messaging system in this forum has been disabled for quite a long time ago as it was abused by some of the forum members as advertising tools by sending advertising message through the private messaging system. 
  • I have just posted a message yesterday and I do seem to be able to find my posting within the forum ?
    If you are not able to find your posting, there is a likelihood that your posted has been deleted by the administrator for the reason that your posting may not conform to the terms of use of this forum.
  • Do I need an advance Internet Browser to view and participate in this forum ?
    Users with Internet Explorer or Netscape Browser version 4.0 and above should be able to use the forum without any problem.
    However, if you have version 5.0 of the Microsoft Internet Explorer and above, you will be able to enjoy the advance WYSIWYG editor when you wish to make posting or replying posts.
  • Where can I read the Terms on the use of this Forum ?
    The terms and conditions on the use of the Forum is available here
  • If I need further help, what should I do ?
    If you have not registered as a member, you can email us at puppy@puppy.com.my . If you are a registered member of this forum, please post your question at the Forum Help Section.

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