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Drying Wet Dogs


Jan 3, 2002, 1:08 AM

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Drying Wet Dogs

You bathe the dog, you dry the dog with a towel . . . and there's still water flying everywhere when he shakes his fur. It's amazing that even a small dog seems to be able to store more water in his coat than a camel does in his hump. And if you're bathing the dog indoors, you've got damp spots all over the carpet for the rest of the day. Pet stores sell special towels that can absorb up to ten times their own weight in water. They literally draw the water out of the fur.

I once heard of an elderly lady who used to breed pedigree longhaired toys
And exhibit them at shows. She specialised in ?? toys and their long hair
Always made it difficult task to clean and groom them for showing. In order
to cut down the effort involed the old lady had evolved the practice of first
washing the dog, toweling it dry and then, finally, giving it a very brief
warming in her electric oven.

One Christmas her cooker developed a fault and so her son, by way of a
Christmas present, bought her a brand new microwave oven. On the day of the dog show, not understanding the basic difference in the technology between an ordinary cooker and a microwave oven, the old lady industriously washed her prize-winning toy dog and popped it into the oven for a few seconds. There really was no barks and growls, nor any noise at all from the dog, for the poor creature exploded the instant the oven was switched on.