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Cream white Retriever (*Wafer*)

Dog Kichi

Aug 28, 2003, 9:08 AM

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Cream white Retriever (*Wafer*)

Tongue i am having a cream to white colour 4 months old GR. Wondering will him change to gold when adult?? i guess he is about that (cream colour) but his ear is yellow brown... When will them change colour??? Who know? Blush
anyone have a cream baby GR and end up become a darker colour GR??



Aug 28, 2003, 9:22 AM

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Re: [coffee_eefee] Cream white Retriever (*Wafer*)

The coat color might be slightly changed after shedding period, but it won't make big difference though.... maybe a few more "spots" are darker and that make u feel the overall appearance look darker...

--I have Howling Bean and Lazy Mack.--


Aug 28, 2003, 8:10 PM

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Re: [coffee_eefee] Cream white Retriever (*Wafer*)


yeah they will change color. for ur GR he won't be brown color whole body even when he fully grown. instead he will have shades of brown, beginning from the top part of the body, then lighter and lighter as it reaches below.

the darkest shade of brown he will have next time is the color at his ear. it will be the same.

it takes supposingly about 2 years plus for them to finish the brown color shading process. but keep in mind again, he definitely won't be like mack mack so brown la. logically will be something like hunter. as u said, light creamy brown.

last time my hunter is white whole body except the ears. amazingly he turned brown more and more. though he is nearing 3 yrs old now, he is still gradually turning brown now, recently have brown spots on leg. i dunno why. hope he keeps turning brown. hehe.

take lots of photos so we can see how brown wafer could get!


K9 Kaki

Aug 28, 2003, 9:49 PM

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Re: [coffee_eefee] Cream white Retriever (*Wafer*)

I have seen white GR in books. Actually, if I am able to have another GR, I will want an all white one !Cool