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Worms and pregnancy and reasonable pet hospital

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Aug 21, 2016, 12:24 PM

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Worms and pregnancy and reasonable pet hospital

Hi. Few days ago my dog has got diarrhea and was taken to the vet. The vet asked me when was the last time I deworm my dog, and I told her it was early this year early March. After the checkup, she assumed that my dog got food poisoning (she ate white fish leftover the day before that I gave to my cats).
So, meds was given and I monitored my dog over the days and the diarrhea still there eventhough it's less watery. And when I was drying her after a shower, I realised she has this red spots on her skin and her fur sheds a lot. Like a lot. I could see her skin.
I ask mr. Google to check the simptoms of worms in dogs, and 5 out of 9 checked is obvious on her. 1, diarrhea 2, skin irritations 3, scooting (wiping the bottom on the surface) 4, loss of appetite 5, fur loss
Since I'm 33 weeks pregnant I'm very worried about my well-being as well as the baby's. I can't take any deworm meds and I heard if it's roundworm, it's unlikely to be easy to be removed from your body and the effects are dangerous for long terms. I don't really mind me getting infected but I'm more worried abt the unborn child.
Does anyone here knows good and reasonable pet hospital or clinic where I can leave my dog there? At least for a night or 2 cause I want to hire cleaners to come sterilize my house (cause she poo everywhere) and ease my mind a bit hvg vet or vets to monitor her & as well as give me time to rest till she's okay (I've got back cramps everytime I shower her). Luckily my husband was the one who cleaned her cage and took the carpet for dry cleaning.
But he's not around and I can't do much of heavy works that require me to bend or standing for ao long. That's why I ask for a reasonable place where my dog can be treated and monitored, at the same time manage with her diarrhea problem.
Jun Ee