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PLEASE HELP NEEDED!!!! Not sure if kneecap dislocated or hip problems

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Jul 4, 2014, 10:47 PM

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PLEASE HELP NEEDED!!!! Not sure if kneecap dislocated or hip problems

Hi, my dog is having problem walking and standing up. She drags her hind leg when she walks and she can't stand up properly and her left hind leg keep sliding.

I brought her to the vet last week and they told me she has problem with her hip as the hip bone connecting with her femur bone is wide that is why she has the problem walking and standing up and the femur bone is sliding out.

They gave her some meds (glyco-flex II and some anti-inflammatory. Since last week I didn't notice any improvement on her.

She still drag her feet when walking. And she stands up with her left hind leg keep sliding and she rely on her 3 other legs for balance.

Yesterday I tried massaging her and I noticed that her knee cap is dislocated on the left hind leg. I successfully pop it back in and suddenly she walked and stand up normally. Her kneecap kept being dislocated but then again I tried to pop it back again this morning before going to work and same results, she walked and stand up properly.

My dog had previously dislocated her kneecap when she was 1 yr old and I remember the vet told (different vet) me that this will come back again when she gets older (my dog is 7 yrs old now).

Before going to the vet my first suspicion was her kneecap is dislocated but I was surprised when the new vet told me that it's not the knee but her hip bone is the problem. She told me they checked all her ligaments and all seems fine.

But contrary to what I found out yesterday her kneecap is dislocated and as I told you when I pop it back it she can stand properly and can walk way better.

Anyway, sorry for the long story, but my question is should I go and get a second opinion from another vet and do you think it's really her hip that causing her all this problems or it's her kneecap?

By the way, I feel uncomfortable with the new vet as I cannot understand her sometimes. I'm not a local so I cannot speak nor understand the local language.

Thanks in advance for all your help.