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Urgent Help Needed - Dog Sudden Lost Control of Back Legs, Peeing & difficult Breathing


Oct 26, 2013, 3:11 AM

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Urgent Help Needed - Dog Sudden Lost Control of Back Legs, Peeing & difficult Breathing


I need help, if anyone can help me identify the problem my dog Johnny is facing & advice.

22 Oct - As usual, I called him to go upstairs after dinner, but he refuse to & remain sitting on the floor. (Usually he is very anxious to) So I carry him up instead. Noticing, his Back Right Leg is Weak.

24 Oct - Early morning, he started moaning a little and then had difficulty pooing.

Afternoon, Both Back Legs were numb, he was dragging them with his front legs. We took him to the vet & was told he Sprained them. Given and injection, pain killer & antibiotics. Said would take two weeks to recover.

Night, condition was getting worse. He had Trouble Breathing, had to extend his neck upwards & breath extremely hard. He was in pain as well. Will not eat or drink. Could not control urination. Would not sleep either, dragging his back legs around the house from spot to spot. Later, Front Paws were facing sideways. In the end, I place him in the cage.

25 Oct - Went back to the vet and was told he may have hurt his nerve system. No medication No more advise was given... nothing at all.

Both Back Legs are still weak.
Sitting up with Front Paws 90degree twisted aside.
Could not control his peeing.
His chest are boasted.
Lack of interest to drink/ eat.
I am feeding him with small bottle, little by little.
Trying to massage him to help relieve his pain but don't seem to work.

*My other dog had sprained her joints before and the way they show it is completely different and Johnny is in much more pain.

Please, if anyone can advise me on what should or can I do to help cut his pain. I'm from Miri, Sarawak, would appreciate if anyone can advise a vet that can really help me in this condition.

Thank you.