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Vets experienced in treating mitral valve disease or Congestive Heart Failure


Jul 31, 2013, 9:01 PM

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Vets experienced in treating mitral valve disease or Congestive Heart Failure

Hi all,

I brought my dog in to her regular vet because she had been coughing occasionally over the course of the week. At first, it was random and infrequent. Probably water accidentally going down her windpipe while drinking water, I thought. Didn't think much of it until it started to get more frequent over the last three or four days, mostly in the morning and at night. During the examination, the vet discovered a heart murmur and opined that a valve in my dog's heart is not functioning normally. Heart medications were prescribed without blood tests to rule out other possible causes for her cough or x-rays to determine the condition of my dog's heart. No diagnostic tests were suggested. That was that. I found it a bit strange but I let it go because I thought the vet would know best. Anyway, my dog's regular vet is skilled at treating a lot of conditions and has an established practice but judging by this incident, treating heart issues may not be one these skills. No vet can be an expert in everything, right? I can't afford a canine cardiologist (is there even one in Malaysia?). But I would be grateful if anyone could point me to a vet that has experience in diagnosing, treating and managing pets with heart disease. Preferably around Subang Jaya or surrounding areas due to the potential long term medical management and frequent check-ups required. I would also appreciate any advice from owners who have senior dogs with heart issues on what foods to give (heart medications tax the kidneys and liver) and what kind of first aid should I have on hand in case of an emergency and I can't get to the vet on time/clinic is closed. Many thanks in advance. BTW, I noticed there aren't any posts in the health boards on heart disease. Apparently it's quite common in small breeds.