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Urgently looking for username shapeshifter

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Sep 12, 2012, 5:20 AM

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Urgently looking for username shapeshifter

HI...I'm trying to locate the user shapeshifter casue my golden retriever also has the same problem, ectopic ureter and coincidently, my dog is also named Sophie.....geezzz.....gave me a scare....I need to discuss about your Sophie after surgery and her progress...it has been 4 years now...

Please respond to me where ever you are Shapeshifter...


Dec 3, 2013, 5:31 AM

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Re: [andrew13] Urgently looking for username shapeshifter

Hi Andrew

I am so so so sorry for my VERY delayed reply! messages are not being delivered to my inbox.

Anyways Sophie turned 6 in November.

She still leaks urine when her bladder's full (bladder is not as strong as a normal dog's). But it doesn't leak all the time, unlike before.

I can't let her fur grow too much, it makes her skin sore of it clings to the long fur so she gets some urine burns. So I usually take her to the groomers' for a shave every four months, and she doesn't leak so much when her fur's short.

Anyway, I suspect she has a case of hip dyslapsia now. Breaks my heart, so I will be taking her to UPM again to get it diagnosed & seek advice on treatment.

How is your Sophie? I do hope you managed to find some sort of treatment for her, poor baby.

If you;d like to contact me via email, do PM me for quicker response.
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