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Pet Clinic and Pet Accesories Shop in KL

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Apr 7, 2012, 6:05 AM

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Pet Clinic and Pet Accesories Shop in KL

Guys, my dog (pug) just arrived from the Philippines yesterday and I was so disappointed in the person who i trusted to take care of my dog. my dog is now very skinny, I can even see her rib cage and she now have skin problems (cause by fleas). I left Philippines 5 months ago but for some personal reason it took me a few months before I decided to get my dog here with me. Since my dog is still in quarantine until friday next week, I would like to take her to a pet clinic near where I live straight from the quarantine, I am living very near Shangri-lah Hotel KL (a minute walk to be exact). So if you know any pet clinic near me please let me know. BTW, I dont have a car but a local friend will help me transport my dog from quarantine to my home next friday.