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Why does my dog have a fluffy coat after she was spayed?

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Jan 23, 2010, 10:44 PM

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Why does my dog have a fluffy coat after she was spayed?

I spayed my female Lab/Cocker Spaniel 2 months ago and I noticed a change in her coat. It's much more fluffier like wool. Does this usually happen after you spay a female dog? She also seems to be shedding a lot more than before she was spayed. Why?
Thank you.

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Jan 25, 2010, 12:22 AM

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Re: [GinsengPeke] Why does my dog have a fluffy coat after she was spayed?

Your b*tch has a "spay coat." And yes, it does so with most long haired, double coated dogs. In many cases, spaying causes a more profuse, abundant coat, sometimes to the point of being outrageously overdone. There is no shine to it, the hair is very light & it gets tangled easily.

What causes it? Hormones. That's why I was reluctant to spay my GR. Previously she had the CORRECT GR coat but now, she is 5x fluffier (makes her look fat) & sheds like hell EVERY single day! It's a nightmare.

Here are some 'before' & 'after' spaying pictures of my friends' dogs in the US...

This is Gabby the Basset Hound (long coated) Before Spay:

After Spay:
Now she's just got a bigger coat & a huge plume on her tail.

Kharma the Gordon Setter Before Spay:

After Spay:
Her coat is so fine like a Shih Tzu's. Her owner can groom & groom & get the tangles out & within an hour she'll have another one starting. That's why nowadays she has her clipped.

To minimize the shedding, try brushing her everyday for atleast 10 min long OR order a 'Furminator' on Ebay. I heard that it is very good at removing loose & dead fur.

Hope I helped.

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Jan 26, 2010, 9:42 PM

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Re: [GinsengPeke] Why does my dog have a fluffy coat after she was spayed?

By right your vet/Dr should pre inform you after your dogs been spayed. They should recommend some prescription diet to them (6mths-1year diet program- in palatable form but cost slightly more) to balance their body system. Go back to them and seek further advise. Meanwhile all you can do for now is lots of brushing and vacuuming. Good luck.