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My baby's skin prob..


Sep 22, 2008, 7:34 PM

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My baby's skin prob..

hey yall..
perhaps some can give me advise?
My baby shihtzu (5mths) is having some skin probs, which i did show the vet whn i took him for vacc, but he said nothing big... just bath will do.. but i don see it decreasing till now.. err.. its not dandruff.. but neither does it look like pimples..
more like dried hard skin.. like when u fall n bleed, n when it heals, the skin kinda hardens n then falls off? something like that.. Whisky is having something like that. At the moment, its not really covering him, but there are a few spots .. i did try peeling off the dried skin, to find it reddens and the mark not disappeared yet..
i read an earlier post bout giving sweet potatoes based biscuits? is thr othr alternative other than tht? cuz i stay in a small town, whr resources are kinda limited.
N whn u say vegetarian, wat exactly do u feed?
i havent tried home cooked. Usu i feed my other dogs rice+eggs+meat/bones. occasionally i do allow whisky to eat the same thing but seeing he's still a pup, i stick with biscuits+canned food.