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Distemper causing lost of teeth?


May 9, 2008, 11:03 PM

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Distemper causing lost of teeth?

I found a 2 month old pup and she was tested positive for distemper. After all treatment that we gave she survived the deadly virus and is not a healthy pup about 2-3 months ago when she's about 5-6 months old she went to a new home and the owner claims that another of their dog pushed her and she fell and lost her teeth. All of her teeth was really gone as in totally bare gums only. Till today her teeth has not grown at all. She only has 1 or 2 short stumps of about 1mm teeth at the back otherwise all bare like an old grandma.

Any idea how to make her grow teeth or even the cause of this? Even my vet has totally no idea why it is so. She's about 8 months old already.

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