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Barking at the wrong timing


Feb 5, 2008, 4:43 PM

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Barking at the wrong timing

My lab is a quiet gal whom doen not even bark like a warning dog when strangers are outside our hse. BUT she will shows her jealousy by barking at us loudly when :

1) we human started to have a cheerful conversation and it's like we are ignoring her

2) whenever my ECS & mix TS take away the bone she's bitting. She won't dare to grap it back as the ECS is the alpha but she will not attack the TS eventho she's tiny compared to a Lab. All she'll do is barking loudly at them or us demanding us to get it back for her.

3) when the ECS look at her directly in the eyes when she tries to go near her

I've tried the muffler on her, after a while she'll come and put her head on my lab looking at me with those pityful eyes to say sorry. Hlf an hour later, she'll forget and start over again. Sometimes she acted like a human as she understands us but very forgetful and stubborn. Since we r staying in a condo n her barks are really loud, we can't let her continue on it by ignoring the issue for too long.

Old Kaki

Feb 6, 2008, 8:07 AM

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Re: [bakamono] Barking at the wrong timing

Hey hey hey! Now I know who you are, kekeke!

Anyway, I think the reason why your Lab is barking at her other siblings is becoz she wants to get their attention. And also when the other two steals her bone, she's telling them to give it back. She;s barking becoz she doesn't know what else to do. She doesn't dare to grab her bone back nor fight for it. So the only thing left for her to do is bark & bark non-stop which unfortunately, is not working right? hehehe... And when she bark at you guys when you have a loud conversation or laugh is becoz you got her all excited too. So, this is nothing too serious. Hey, th4ese are dogs lah, what do ya expect? hehehe...


Feb 7, 2008, 8:33 AM

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Re: [bakamono] Barking at the wrong timing

same as my lab lor.. ahaha... she'll the alpha dog in the house if we touch the alpha dog.. by the way, it's only play bite.. like she's jealous if we didn't 'saying' her and wants to get back all our attention.. she'll bark at the alpha dog when she(the alpha dog) ignores her.. but, we pitty the alpha dog cause she's already 11 years old.. she has no energy to play with this giant puppy who is only 6 months old. So, she'll hide under the car when she sees this giant puppy come out from the house..

my lab (the giant puppy) won't bark at stranger.. but, jump on them and kiss them instead.. Pirate I also want to know how to teach my lab bark at strangers.. Laugh


Feb 11, 2008, 5:01 PM

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Re: [mickey123] Barking at the wrong timing

I swear to God that I've never lay my hands on my dogs before but thinking of the consequences if her barking does not stop, I'll hv to give her up eventually. What I did during the holidays at home is to roll some newspaper, when the first time she saw me wz it, she was all happy jumping here n there thinking that I'm playing wz her. Of course she's too quick for me to even get near her therefore I threw the roll at her and it hit her on her body. Guess what, that really fix her nicely as the second time when she saw the roll of newspaper raised, she stop her nonsence barking totally. I feel sad that I hv to hurt her in some way in order to teach her.


Feb 11, 2008, 6:12 PM

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Re: [bakamono] Barking at the wrong timing

oh no.. really have to use newspaper to teach her meh?

my lab only bark when we lock her in the crate and ignore her. But, if we let her know that we are going to go out, she's fine.

then, another thing she'll bark is when the alpha dog ignores her..


Feb 12, 2008, 7:28 PM

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Re: [bakamono] Barking at the wrong timing

I know how u feel..especially when we live in a condo.Urgggh...sooo stressful. Basco will bark at the cats, because he wants them not to sit on the coffee table, or not to share his place at the sofa or watever...Still I think its unnecessary ...cos the cats, they are stubborn & would not listen to him...

So, I will take the black hanger...urgghh...and raise my voice and hentam the hanger on the wall...and yes, he/they will stop. So nw, I just have to bring the hanger out..and they will know ...to better stop ..what they are currently doing..so far it works lah !!!


Feb 12, 2008, 7:43 PM

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Re: [myzanordin] Barking at the wrong timing

in the begining I was banging the roll of newspaper on the wall or floor to warn her but she gave me the "ever-ready" stance showing me she's ready for me to come at her anytime n that's when my wire burst. She only realise reality when the roll hid her on the shoulder n fall onto the floor wz a big pop! After 2 tries, there's no more challenging barks frm her whenever I tell her to shut up anymore.

Went to the DBKL the other day b4 CNY n the clerk told me that usually they do not take actions unless the Management Office contact them. As far as they r concern, they leave the decision to the M.Office. Heard that there's a dog friendly condo in OUG, why don't u try it out there. By the look of things nowadays, it's safer to be staying in high rise than landed tho' wz our furkids.


Feb 12, 2008, 7:59 PM

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Re: [bakamono] Barking at the wrong timing


My dogs all kena the newspaper whack from me. Usually it is the sound that scares them. I doubt it is of much pain also. Most dun like the whck on the butt so they will listen. Of cos there are better ways to teach them like taking a much longer time to tran them to know what's quiet and so on. It's a good thing that after one throw of the newspaper it made your GR scared so now it'll be easier for you to train it. Smile

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Feb 12, 2008, 8:13 PM

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Re: [bakamono] Barking at the wrong timing

He he ..Poor Nan..well at least she learned her leasson..now...Yeah, I heard about the Bukit OUG Condo....Marianne's cousin and Janthk lives there..

WOuld consider that area too...but, seriously I would love too stay in a landed lah...as it is, we just dont know when the Management will strike...its just a matter of time and I just dont want to take the risk.....again, kena bungkus kain and jadi nomad ....Tongue.....

Canine Addict

Feb 12, 2008, 9:18 PM

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Re: [acsyen] Barking at the wrong timing

yea it's very painful...kena whack from yen b4 Frown

jkjkkjk lol

but yea the slower method which i'm using (my dogs are tiny), is food :D

they bark u give them a stern look. the quiet down, and sit (or whatever u want), then u praise and treat. bark again u turn away and ignore. repeat as needed and ALWAYS obey your own rules. if u break the rules u set for the dog, he will never learn. as for now, my dog barks only once when i come home as sorta like greeting me. or when i "forget" to feed them, they will give some annoying bark to get my attention but that's pretty much it. good luck