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Another 2 Jabs after 3 Jabs... ?

Dog Kichi

Oct 29, 2007, 5:07 AM

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Another 2 Jabs after 3 Jabs... ?

Hi everyone...

Need some help here. It's a long story with my GR puppy. She was born on 20 May 2007 (as stated in her cert). She got her 1st jab when she was till with the breeder on 27 June 2007. The breeder only passed me her vaccination card on 29 July, and on 30th July, I took her to my vet for her 2nd jab.

She had some sort of skin allergy at that time and was on medication and antibiotic for a few weeks. The vet then gave her 3rd jab on 27 August 2007.

When I brought her to the vet for the 2nd jab, I told the vet she was born some time in May (because I didn't have the cert yet and that's what the breeder told me). The vet scanned her microchip, checked her teeth and insisted that she was born in April.

Today I brought her to the vet clinic again because she seemed bit less energetic and no appetite for the day. Another vet attended to her. When I told him that she was born on 20 May, not in April, he said that she has to take another jab and another booster again, because her last jab was done too early. Got such thing one ah???

I told him the story that another vet from his clinic said my puppy was born in April, not me. He said to play safe, give her another 2 jabs... I would like to know if this is necessary? Coz I have heard of dogs having 4 jabs, but not 5... Will this cause kidney problem or so?

Many thanks in advance...


Oct 29, 2007, 8:30 PM

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Re: [chunhuey] Another 2 Jabs after 3 Jabs... ?

If I were u, I'll go to other vets to get second or third opinion before doing anything.

Dog Kichi

Oct 29, 2007, 8:48 PM

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Re: [bakamono] Another 2 Jabs after 3 Jabs... ?

Hi bakamono.

Yeah I went to another vet this morning. Initially planned to go tomorrow but something happened and I have to go today. This vet said it's not necessary, and that the 3 jabs are good enough...

I guess I'll definitely be holding it for the moment. Unless someone can come up with a better explanation to get another 2 jabs. Otherwise, sounds a bit weird for me...

Thanks! Cool


Oct 31, 2007, 8:49 AM

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Re: [chunhuey] Another 2 Jabs after 3 Jabs... ?

While she was born on the 20th May (for me i will believe what the breeder told me) and the 1st jab was given on 27th June, when she is 5 weeks old ......something wrong here, why ur breeder giv the 1st jab when he is still 5 weeks old, this will render the vaccine useless due to the great amount of mother's antibody in the pup which 'neutralize' the vaccine given....weird breeder??????? (who is that anyway?)

The 2nd jab was given on 30th July when she is 2months+ (I will consider this is the 1st jab since i disagree on the 27th June jab which is useless and waste money)

The 3rd jab (2nd jab for me lah) on 27th August when she is 3 months+

The 4th jab (3rd jab for me) on 28th October when she is 5 months+

If follow the large breed vaccination protocol, then should give 4 jabs......but one vet say need another jab but the other say 3 jabs is enuf.......why???? Pening lah....

I need to call up my vet to ask about this.......

Dog Kichi

Nov 1, 2007, 12:07 AM

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Re: [CEDRICSIN] Another 2 Jabs after 3 Jabs... ?

Yeah... I also very confused with the whole thing... Any input is welcome here.... Thanks!


Nov 1, 2007, 4:58 PM

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Re: [chunhuey] Another 2 Jabs after 3 Jabs... ?

ChunHuey, to confirm whether ur pup borns on 20May, u can call up mka. U haven't got the cert yah? But I remembered u told me b4 the pup is not the same batch as her previous pup. Which is contrdict with what the breeder told u...

How do u know that ar? hmm..just curious.

Dog Kichi

Nov 1, 2007, 9:43 PM

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Re: [Jess_lee] Another 2 Jabs after 3 Jabs... ?

Hi Jess.

Oh I actually have got the cert. The cert stated 20 May. The 2nd vet did mention that sometimes some breeders will submit late....

Actually what the breeder told me is that this pup is from the same sire and dam as my previous pup, which in actual, is not.


Nov 1, 2007, 9:52 PM

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Re: [chunhuey] Another 2 Jabs after 3 Jabs... ?

Oh, that makes sense...hahaLaugh

How's ur pup doing? How's her appetide and skin now? My vet told me 3 jobs is sufficient wor....My pup took his 1st vaccination on the 6th weeks, 2nd on 9th and lastly on the 12th week. DONE!

Dog Kichi

Nov 1, 2007, 10:19 PM

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Re: [Jess_lee] Another 2 Jabs after 3 Jabs... ?

She eats like a monster... -.- There is a patch of bald skin on her chest area, I remember I saw her scratching once and I found a big kutu there. After that the hair is growing back very slowly.

But in general, she seems good. Only got flu last weekend. Now recovered to her normal naughty self. :D


Nov 2, 2007, 6:05 PM

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Re: [chunhuey] Another 2 Jabs after 3 Jabs... ?

That's great! How do u know that she's having flu? My pup breaths heavily sometimes...

Dog Kichi

Nov 2, 2007, 6:07 PM

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Re: [Jess_lee] Another 2 Jabs after 3 Jabs... ?

She refused to eat one morning. And then she got mild fever also. She looked 'sien sien' like that. That's when I brought her to the vet lo. The next day she got vomit a bit too.

She has been quiet for 2 days. But now that she is back in action... actively making noise again. Unsure

Canine Addict

Nov 4, 2007, 8:33 PM

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Re: [chunhuey] Another 2 Jabs after 3 Jabs... ?

is happy to hear that. just an advise
1st. pup vaccine when they are 6weeks.
2nd. if pup already vaccine before u buy them, ask him give u the Vet Card to prove the pup already vaccinate.

but is okay if she alright now

alot pure breed need to vaccinate if not they will get parvo-virus easily
so good luck
Love them, they will love you
They Don't Talk Don't Meant They Wrong.

Dog Kichi

Nov 5, 2007, 8:07 PM

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Re: [lilfunky] Another 2 Jabs after 3 Jabs... ?

I think her first jab was given around 5 wks +... -.-