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URGENT !! Joyska - 7 year old Male


Apr 3, 2007, 8:50 AM

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URGENT !! Joyska - 7 year old Male

Joyska is a 7 year old male dog of mixed breed. He had several expat owners who were not able to take him back to Europe. He is very loyal and obedient and makes an excellent guard dog and family pet. he needs to be with people most of the day but doesn't like other dogs in the same household.

Despite his age he is very playful and likes to go for walks. His training and obedience are excellent and he can be walked of the leash. However, he is very scared of thunder and lightning and has shown some aggression in these
situations. Therefore it would be best the new owner be older without children. This is also the reason for his adoption as his current family has a lot of children coming to the house daily.

If he cannot be adopted we have to consider Euthanasia!!