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Choosing GSD puppy for protection

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Mar 19, 2007, 10:25 PM

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Choosing GSD puppy for protection

I hope im in the right section of the forum to post this.

Greetings everyone, this is my first post. Im currently in KL and just moved into a house. In the past few weeks, we have been looking to purchase ourselves a guard dog. After much thought and research, we decide to get a GSD puppy, this pup will be my first ever experience with K9. After a long search, we finally found a pup we felt compatible with. However we are not sure whether he has the right temperment and drive to become a reliable guard dog. He seems very outgoing and not shy to people. I did some small tests to determine his nerve and drive. I realise this may be not enough to determine his characteristics but im hoping you guys can help out and lend me a few tips.

1) As i have said earlier, he is not shy or nervous around people. I have been revisiting this kennel almost weekly to see the pup. Each time he is as playful and alert as the first time we saw him. Will a puppy always retain this temperement as it matures ?

2) I was told to surprise the pup with noise to see if he is afraid of it. We did this by palcing ourselves on each end of the play pan and clapping our hands loudly. He doesnt seem to be bothered with the noise at all. In fact, each time we clapped, he would run to the source of the noise tail wagging. Always sniffing the hands. Does show a puppy that will be alert and investigate noise ?

3) Next we applied the pressure on the front paws. Again he doenst seemed concern at all, tail wagging and trying to mouth the hand that was applying the pressure. Next we tried laying him down and calm him for a minute. Here, he seemed to not wanting to cooperate, he was always trying to get up. Im nto sure why this is necessary but was told it might help to determine his nerve ?

4) Last week, during my 4th visit, a rottweiler was chained quite close to his playing pan, he did not seem to care about it at first. But after awhile, he would look at the rott and started barking. It was the first time i ever heard him bark. I noticed that his tail wasnt tucked in when he was barking, in fact it was still up and wagging. Im not too sure what to make out of this, was he barking playfully or was he scared ?


Mar 21, 2007, 2:30 AM

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Re: [kraniumz] Choosing GSD puppy for protection

Hi there,

Maybe you can try doing all the tests u did outside of his usual compound??

Bring him to a new place and then surprise him and see how long he takes to recover if he does get shocked.

Just a suggestion. Smile