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American Cocker Spaniel Owner

Canine Addict

Mar 11, 2007, 7:33 AM

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American Cocker Spaniel Owner

I know there are quite a number of American Cocker Owners out there, but not many go online to share much about they and their dogs in forum huh?

I just found out recently near my house there in Cheras, there is one owner has nearly 10 American Cockers & other Spaniels inside his corner house. I guess the family must be a devoted ACS lover, as they have so many ACS dogs, and every evening they are let loose to run about inside the compound. From the look of the dogs' condition, will know this is not a backyard puppymill breeder. The dogs are very healthy, happy and friendly.

In another incident, I found out from the adpost.com, there is a pair of ACS adult for sale, their fate was really bad, they have been passing around to breed from one backyard breeder to another. Here is the bitch's picture, and I was told the age of the bitch is only 1 year+, given birth 4 months ago, now so "chan" already.

Poor dog, very pity.

And I remembered saw her puppy picture on sale in homeapet.com, so skinny compares to my new puppy "Golden" at the same age.

Why I so "kay por", because I am still searching for my lost dognapped ACS. Hoping to be able to find her someday. And I happened to find out this poor dog's fate on the adpost.com, I really hope my lost dog's fate won't be like this as well.


Apr 4, 2007, 3:00 AM

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Re: [GSlover] American Cocker Spaniel Owner

to be safe, spay all ur female dogs then...

i lost my mongrel too...but i did spayed her edi...so whenever i saw those poor pregnant stray dog around, i felt a little brighten up that i knew my dog can't get pregnantWink

Pacco de Mongrel
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Aug 13, 2009, 10:06 PM

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Re: [GSlover] American Cocker Spaniel Owner

Hai..there...hear u said got a owner got many many America cocker spaneil

im also from cheras and i love cocker so much..im cocker fanz...

hope can visit the share dog exspriance with the owner.

do u mind tell me where is the location?

im appreciate

Dog Kichi

Dec 30, 2011, 6:39 PM

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Re: [cylosquah] American Cocker Spaniel Owner

I adopted an ACS for my kid who has multiple learning disabilities, but she has a special 'gift' with animals. When a person I know was migrating and couldn't bring his ACS, I took the opportunity and adopted him.

Anyone here has any stories to share, pets as therapy for a special someone?

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Feb 7, 2013, 12:00 AM

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Re: [GSlover] American Cocker Spaniel Owner

i also lost my ACS 4 years ago on CNY eve. I am always looking arnd the area Selayang Baru so see if any aunty brought her home accidentally .. still no sign.. sigh~~

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